NOTD: Mary Quant Nail Polish in 024 – Lime Green Sparkle Nail Varnish!


I do think Mary Quant is a super cute make up range – they’re great for eyeshadows, polishes and lipsticks.  I bought one of their polishes when I was last at their store – just one because they’re £7 and quite small for the price.I got a snotty acid green which has glitter infused in it. Unlike most of the other polishes, this does NOT have a matching lipstick. Shame. This is a sheer polish […]

Putting the perfect brown palette together! Mary Quant Eye Opener Eyeshadow Review and Swatches!


I have already showed you my Mary Quant palette which took much planning. On my last trip to London I went to the Mary Quant shop again, with a plan to put together a palette of neutrals and browns! I bought 8 in total and a case: I had semi planned this in my head by looking at the website colours but once I got there, it was much easier to swatch and decide what would […]

Matchy, Matchy! Mary Quant Lipstick and Nail Polish matching sets! In P-07 Angel Cake


On my last trip down to London, I visited the Mary Quant shop where I spotted the matching lipstick and nail polishes! Now – not every lipstick (there are about 36 shades) has a matching polish but a lot of them do.  That means you can get all matchy-matchy, if you want! I won’t lie – I find this concept kinda fun! I chose the lipstick first – the ones I had my eye on […]

Eye Base, Eye Gloss, Eye Concealer! Mary Quant Eye Gloss Treatment Eye Foundation Review


So the last time I was down in London I spent a lot of time in the Mary Quant shop and ended up with some really cool products! One of the items I had on my hit list was their Eye Gloss. Eye Gloss? Who remembers Calvin Klein’s make up range and how they had a eye gloss. LOVE the concept, hate the results. I was a bit disappointed when I found out this Eye […]

Mary Quant Eye Opener Eyeshadows Scientific Discussion and Palette Haul! Swatches! Pic Heavy!


Mary Quant’s Eye Opener Eyeshadows come in an impressive selection – 120 colours to be exact, always with 12 seasonal limited edition colours. The eyeshadows cover a smörgåsbord of shades and textures. Below is a chart of all the colours.  From left to right (treat each one as a vertical column) they cover the following colour groups: Red, Orange, Yellow, Yellow Green, Green, Blue, Violet, Purple, Flesh Pink, Flesh Yellow, Neutral and Lightness.  The textures […]

Mary Quant Powder Blush Baby Blushers & Face Final Pressed Powder Haul and Swatches


To continue with the Mary Quant theme today, here is the face palette that I put together whilst I was at the shop. I picked one very pretty pressed face powder, the Face Final and two blushers in a brown and pink which fit into a Large palette (L). The face powder was about £19.50, the blushers are £14.50 and the palette was £10.50. Mary Quant also stocks loose face powder and a selection of […]

Where to buy Mary Quant make up? Mary Quant London Store Visit, Haul and Product Chit Chat


I have been lusting over Mary Quant make up for a long long time having read VOCE, MAQUIA and other Japanese beauty magazines that regularly feature the range.  Mary Quant used to be a British brand but the cosmetics range is now Japanese produced and is thriving in Japan. I have lots of memories when it comes to the range! I remember my mum owning a lipstick and triangular shaped blusher which was a hot, […]

Not a Book, it’s a Mook: Jill Stuart & Mary Quant Mooks Autumn Winter 2010


Me and the 10 year old had a debate as I thought that these Mooks were pronounced Moo-uk and she said it’s MUCK. I suspect she may be right. That’s the last Happy Meal she gets from me. Mooks are a cross between a magazine and a book. They’re better made than books, are highly collectable and come with fabulous gifts! I don’t buy these very often but this year I ordered Jill Stuarts Mook […]

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