Giorgio Armani Cosmetics Pop Up in Harvey Nichols Manchester & my Makeover with Cesar Santos!


Last week I visited one of my favourite luxe cosmetic brands Giorgio Armani in Harvey Nicolas Manchester, as they currently have a pop up counter in there!  The Armani counter is very sleek, spacious and also quite private – perfect for getting a little make over without glaring passers by!  Where to begin with the Armani brand if you have never tried their products before?  Their range is luxe and therefore is pricy, but also […]

Susan Boyle Make Over – Yay or Nay?


So our Susan Boyle has had a make over. They grey frizz has gone, and those brows, those glorious brows. I hope it was a make over of her own free will and not enforced by the Britain’s Got Talent Lot. Before she was like my dinner lady, the one who would sneak in extra custard. After she looks like….well, the mother in law. Either way, she’s still way hotter than that irritating bey-atch Amanda […]

Nars Angel Heart & Liquid Eyeliner – Plus Luster Blush

Things I can’t say no to – cream eyeshadows, egg tarts and a Nars Makeover. Should you ever be in Nars Manchester, find Leena. She does the most amazing make up on you. But I digress! As if there’s anything else I need from Nars! Nevertheless, Leena showed me some tightlining techniques she had learned at the Clothes show. 1 – Brush the eyeliner on the top of the lashes, and brush in the lash. […]

Nars Makeover & Haul

Okey so I went to one of my favourite counters which is Nars – my usual MA was not there so I got acquainted with a new member of staff. I was playing with the colours when I dabbed a bit of this duo, Surabaya: Looks like a standard brown in this photo but in real life, it gives the most gorgeous, rich, chestnut and sugary brown shade with tons of micro sparkles. To keep […]

RMK Make Over Results!

So today I went down to my local RMK counter for a makeover. However the centre where the stand is was packed beyond belief! This place has car parks surrounding it, and six of them were completely full (this parks thousands of cars) and we had to go round and round and round so I was half an hour late. Luckily, the SA said she would do my eyes and lips for me (which was […]

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