Make Up Junkie in Training

This is my beloved 7 Year old Cousin! She’s a real pain sometimes but the funniest person I know! I was *babysitting* her and fell asleep. She knows how to record videos using imovie HD, and when I passed out, she had used some of make up to make this video! It was too cute not to share! Considering she just made it, I thought she was a real pro! I can’t even speak in […]

Mesmerized by Aube eyelashes…

Nothing beats boreem more than watching Make Up videos on You Tube! We all know the king is Enkore with his amazingly useful videos but there is also Beauty Exchange, which is a Hong Kong based website and network who have good videos with make overs done by guests artists. Rick Chin did some looks using Aube’s summer range. There is no talking or guidence with the video so I didn’t pay lots of attention […]

Enkore’s Lipstick Divider – Extreme Version

Since I just love Enkore’s videos on Youtube, I finally got round to the nifty video he made on how to make dividers out of cardboard (cereal boxes etc.) So I made this larger scale one: In the end though, because of my own not so fab measurements, I had to rip a bit off to make it fit in my drawer: Nevermind. It still works well! But if you are thinking of making a […]

Sofina Alblanc Make Up Videos

Gary Chung is a Hong Kong Make Up artist, who has a few good videos up on You Tube in conjunction with Beauty Exchange. Sofina, a popular brand in Japan, who own brands like Raycious, Hada.ka, Fine Fit (brands that focus on the skin) and Aube, a colour make up range, have launched Alblanc products by making some excellent videos along with Gary Here. The sexy/cute looks are wonderful to watch and the model is […]

Still Obsessed with EnKore

Seriously, I can’t stop watching these videos on You Tube. I love his tips, they are genuinely useful like the one above about coverting MAC Palettes. I have a lot of loose pans I need find put into a secure home so I am defiantely going to do this (once my MAC PRO card gets here!).

Time to worship

Like most make up junkies, we probably know an awful lot about make up and its hard to find something new in terms of tips and advice that we haven’t heard a million times already. I was surprised and so pleased when I found Koren, a make up artist who has started posting videos on You Tube. His videos are wonderful – individual and creative (press on eyeshadows?) and useful too (pigment storage, blusher storage). […]

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