Haul: MAC DSquared and Style Black Collections

I did a haul at MAC about 3 weeks ago but have only just got round to editing the photographs. There was so much kerfuffle over the Style Black collection I had to buy a few bits to try it out. Overall? I don’t find MAC particularly inspiring most of the time, but they definitely have some great basics and the is a generally consistent quality there: Want see more? Jump! Follow my blog with […]

Mini Haul: MAC Style Black Greasepaint Stick in Black


“Buy the Black Greasepaint stick from MAC!” shouted the voices in my head, so off I went to my local counter, where I stood aimlessly for 20 minutes, burning a hole into the SA’s head untill she served me. “Give me TWO!” I said. I don’t know why I let myself get swept away like that. But anyway, here it is: The entire Style Black collection is right up my street, but I am trying […]

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