It’s a good job I’m not a Macaholic. How do you guys deal with it – collection, after collection, after collection, after collection. I have bought nowt from MAC for a good 6 months. Restraint, ladies, restraint. (ahem). There’s the Gold Fever collection, Ungaro, Suite Array, Creamsheen, Manish Aurora, Sheer Minerals, Cult of Cherry – […]

MAC A-Mei Palette

Just a bit of eye candy for you – A-Mei for MAC Eyeshadow Palette – I love the size, its very compact- Bold Eyes Palette (LE) * Venus – (LE) * Carbon – Intense black (Matte, Perm) * Freshwater – Bright summersky blue (Veluxe Pearl, Perm) I have always wanted Freshwater, and Carbon is always […]

What to buy in Spring?

Whenever there are new collections, it is so difficult to choose what to buy…come on, we can’t buy ALL of it. I tend to focus on things I really like, have a gut reaction about, and are limited – after all things in the permanent range can be collected slowly… There is one collection which […]

Cream Eyeshadow Special Part 1

PART ONE: Cream Eyeshadows So, I was told a year or so ago that I could not wear eye make up so I decided that a compromise was in order and made it an excuse to load up on cream shadows! Yeah! So I do have a strong love for any type of cream product. […]

Depotting Lavshuca Singles

I was in the mood for depotting yesterday, so I went on a bit of a depotting frenzy! I started with Lavshuca singles, since they are fiddly to use when you are trying to apply multiple colours and you need to open one, close one, open one etc. So – these are very easy to […]

MAC Haul; Metal X, Of Beauty Loose Powders, Pervette & Pout Etc.!

For a non-Macaholic, I sure do buy a lot of MAC. What is it? Is it the buzz they create before releasing a collection? Are they just really in tune with us Make Up junkies? They hardly ever advertise compared to Lancome, Estee Lauder and other big companies (although I am aware they are part […]

MAC Alexander McQueen Back in Stock Online!

Did you miss out last time in the madness that was the Alexander McQueen rush? Well as of today, the three paint pots, eyeshadows, lip gloss, lip stick and kohl power eyeliners are back in stock! Shop for them here.. By the way, should you be eligible for a pro discount, MAC Mail order do […]

EOTD, December, 07

This is the eye I did on Saturday for a Birthday Party – it was a smokey Charcoal look: Eyes: Shiseido H2 Whitelights Hydro PowerNars Lilli Marlene BaseKate BK2 Trick Eyes PaletteMAC Kohl Power in Orpheus (scratchy, but gorgeous!) Face: Shiseido Hydro Compact Foundation in OC60 Nars NicoMac Emote for Contouring Cheeks: Nars OasisBenefit Moon […]

MAC Mail Order

Monday, Monday….. I hate Monday’s but today actually hasn’t been a particularly bad one. I’ve started dropping hints as to Xmas pressies (Nars Luster, Nars Maldives, Prescriptives Colourscope Palette in Warm)… I also got the chance to call Mac Mail Order – it was a real debacle because MAC have different numbers for everything. If […]

MAC Stylistics, Metal X, Of Beauty & Curiousitease in the UK *Yawn*

MAC UK have released the last of the Christmas Extravaganza – Of Beauty, consisting of Loose Beauty Powders (3 Limited, 3 available in the Pro range) and studio lights concealers (released previously with the Catherine Deneauve collection.) There is the Metal-X range which consists of Glitter Eyeliners and Creme Eyeshadows: There is finally the Stylistcs […]

EOTD, November 07

I was in such a rush today so I quickly tried out the MAC Royal Assets Palette in Smokey. This is the result: I got it wiped off later in the day as I had a make over at Nars! So the result of that is coming up! What do you think of the silvery-grey? […]

UK Release Dates for MAC Curiositease, Of Beauty & Metal-X

Bah….MAC is driving me into product overload (in a bad way) releasing range after range after range. Trying to get official release dates from MAC is like getting blood from a stone (I am only trying to give you money!) nevertheless, I have discovered that the official release date for Curiositease, Metal-X, Of Beauty etc. […]

MAC Christmas Goodies

Ok, Ok, so I am totally late with this, but you know, I thought a lot of the MAC limited edition stuff would have sold out by now but most of the ranges are still in stock. What is really annoying is the sheer volume of collections coming out and how they are spacing them […]

What is your favourite Make Up Counter?

I went shopping with a slightly less enthusiastic-about-makeup friend, and god love her, she shuddered when I approached the Make Up Counters in Harvey Nichols. She was mortified that I was browsing when they (the Sales Assistants) were standing there [like vultures]. I’m make up savvy enough to say no to something if I don’t […]

MAC Holiday online now!

MAC Holiday is here! On MAC UK that is – we are always slower than everywhere else. Anyway, you can now get your hands on: ANTIQUITEASE She loves silver, she loves gold. Her Holiday indulgences inspired by the ornate excess of antiquity. Shades and finishes worn as gilded treasures. Modern by nature, she flirts with […]

MAC Pigment Swatches

I have a whole load of Ebay pigments – some swatches below. I have about 10 new shades I haven’t had the chance to photo them yet! But here are the ones I have – I sell 1/4 tsp samples for £2.80p each with 50p for shipping.

MAC Alexander McQueen Collection

I thought I’d share some picture of the Alexander McQueen collection which are due any day in the post! I am a fan of the paint pots – I don’t love MAC as much as some people do, but I do love anything that is highly pigmented and is easy to apply. Since I love […]

Postal Strike Over!

……for now, anyway. The horrendous 4 day strike is finally over and although I doubt any of us will be deluged in a shower of Make Up packages (actually a fantasy of mine! – 200 packages? All for me? Just put it over there please…). Chances are with the backlog it will take a few […]

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