Battle of the Super Hot Pinks; MAC Candy Yum Yum Matte Lipstick & Milani Lip Colour in 07 Rose Hip


My fellow hot pink lip stick lovers; you must’ve heard of MAC’s gorgeous matte pink lipstick, Candy Yum Yum. The shade was once a Limited Edition colour, then brought back by MAC due to demand and is now permanent. It is a matte finish lipstick.  Before it was widely available though, (or should I say Permanently available) people were looking for dupes everywhere. EVERYWHERE! During this time I located a Milani Lipstick in Rose Hip […]

MAC Face and Body Foundation Review; A Second Chance!


I have purchased MAC Face and Body foundation twice before in the ginormous 120ml squeeze bottles and felt lukewarm about the product twice.  What can I say? With everyone recommending this water based, long lasting all over foundation I felt that I had to love it or at least like it…but to be honest the watery-ness, the weird tacky sticky feeling and over the top shine left on the skin made me hate it.  I […]

MAC Strobe Liquid Hydration in Golden Elixir Review!


Part of the MAC Temperature Rising collection features this Limited Edition strobe lotion in Golden Elixir. I purchased one because I have been wanting the regular strobe liquid for a while, but didn’t have a good reason to buy it since I have the strobe cream already (and it lasts forever!).  This stuff cost £22.50 and it’s smaller than I expected! Just 50ml of product. The bronze doesn’t look like what I expected (I purchased […]

MAC Temperature Rising Haul; Sheer Seduction, Soft Serenade and Ripe for Love


I am not one of these people who keeps up with every MAC release (there are so many!) but I do always take a look at the Summer releases because I love their bronzy releases which aren’t as obvious as other beauty companies’ offerings and they’re always quite sexy!  I purchased a few things from the Temperature Rising collection (also not pictured the Strobe Lotion in the golden colour).  I found these on counter as […]

My new make up bag: Nikki Farquharson for MAC pouch!


A few months back I purchased a pretty new make up bag for myself from MAC (The Illustrated Kits collection, which also included two designs from illustrators Julie Verhoeven and Francois Berthoud) - But it was this bright Aztec-African-Curvy-Abstract striking design that caught my eye, and I liked the compact size of it – oh yes – this would be my new handbag make up bag! Here it is; the design is by Nikki Farquharson, a […]

Moving my MAC eyeshadows! MAC Large Eyeshadow Palette Review! (Pic Heavy)


I am utterly utterly obsessed with depotting eyeshadows and getting them altogether in one place (an example - however I have changed my view on Unii palettes, read on!) so when I saw the new style MAC empty palettes with the clear lids I knew i had to have them. I didn’t actually realise how many MAC eyeshadows I had collected over the years – I thought I had about 10 because I don’t buy MAC […]

MAC Mini Lip Colour Haul! Angel & Ruby Woo Lipstick, Baby Sparks Dazzleglass & Underage Lip Glass


There’s no doubt that there is just something nice about buying a MAC product – although I am not obsessive about the brand, I do have a soft spot for some of their eyeshadows and the lipsticks! I love the vanilla scent.  Before Christmas I did some sorting out, and ended up with more back to MAC products then expected! With this I popped down to the counter and chose; Angel – one of my […]

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