Haul: Lunasol Star Shower Eyes and Full Glamour Lipstick


Quick haul post today! I picked up some Lunasol (its been a while) just before Christmas! Greens are my favourite so I got this Star Shower Eyes palette in 02 Medium Night and Full Glamour Lipstick S in Pink Beige: Lunasol is sure pretty, but a bit on the expensive side. With the exchange rate this palette is about £26. All of the colours have a sheer shimmer and the darkest colour is very pigmeted. […]

Lunasol Contrasting Lipliner


Last year I was in love with Lunasol, but now I am finding the brand a bit dull. Nevertheless I found this cool lipliner (double ended) for a bargain price of $14.99 on eBay. I have the neutral one of this…somewhere. That cost about £18 at the time so I was happy to snap this up in shade no. 3: This is a lovely lipgloss – nice and soft and the highlight end works a […]

Lunasol Full Glamour Lipstick, in Pink Beige

Everyone now and again a lipstick comes along that has everything going for it; colour, texture, packaging… Lunasol Lipstick in Pink Beige is one of them. I first saw a photograph of this on MUA and loved the way it looked. I finally splurged $39 (I know, its cheaper on Ebay – well I couldn’t find it on Ebay) on it… Ta-da!: This lipstick has everything I personally like in a lipstick. It is 1. […]

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