Battle of the Purples: Lunasol Ocean Scene Eyeshadow Palette Warm Ocean and Sheer Contrast Eyes Lavender Coral


I have a beauty lust list of some items I really want but are expensive and I can’t justify buying. Then when I achieve something new I got to the hit list to give myself a treat. This was the case when I bought not 1, but 2 purple/lavender palettes I have wanted for a long, long time. More than I wanted this full set! These two palettes were Lunasol Sheer Contrast Eyes in Lavender […]

Lips of the Day: Lunasol Full Glamour Lipstick S in Bright Red 05


Lunasol is one of my favourite Japanese high end make up brands – it’s so lush – but also unfortunately, expensive to buy. I found this lipstick on eBay (good for the odd Lunsol bargain) – at £13 it was a bit of a bargain as their lipstick can cost in the region of £20+ depending on who you buy it from. The packaging: The shade is called Bright Red 05. It is indeed, in […]

Lunasol Limited Edition Cream Cheeks Liquid Blusher in Light Coral EX03


Lunasol releases some limited edition products every spring/summer and since I bought the Ocean Shining Eyes, I decided I needed a matching blusher! The Cream Cheeks comes in a tube and in three colours – I chose EX03 Light Coral: They Say: A cream type cheek color that creates a natural, healthy-looking complexion, as if the skin were naturally blushed with a succulent texture that melts on the skin. Provides moist texture yet leaves the […]

Lunasol Limited Edition Shining Ocean Eyes in Sheer Beige EX02 Review


I resisted and resisted but in the end I just had to try out one of the Limited Edition Shining Ocean Eyes from Lunasol. This is a water based shimmery cream eyeshadow which has a subtle shine to the eyes – this stuff dries and it will not crease. There are 5 shades to choose from – I got EX02 Shining Sheer Beige: In the box: A water-based eye shadow reminiscent of the ocean that […]

Lunasol Gel Eyeliner in Olive Green & Brown Red Review & Swatches


I love Gel eyeliners but I have a million black ones already. Hence, I have been looking for interesting shades of gel liner to buy. Lunasol gel liners in Olive Green and Red Brown caught my eye. Lunasol is such a good quality brand that I had no doubt that it would be amazing quality. It arrived in a sturdy glass jar and comes with a pretty decent brush: The colour range:

eBay Haul: Lunasol Nature Eyes the Full Set!


I use eBay a lot (as some of you may know) but to be honest, it’s nothing like what it used to be. These days I use it like any online store rather than a place to bid or to fight for peoples old crap! So it’s nice to see something I really want sometimes and to fight for it – like the old days. I fought hard for this baby!…can you guess what’s in […]

Orange, Peach, Red, Beige in one! Lunasol Coloring Cheeks Blusher Review


Lunasol is a high end Japanese brand that rarely gets it wrong – quality and innovation they have in equal mix. I was sent a Lunasol blusher of my choice to try – my usual choice errs toward the side of beige/gold/peach so I went for something with an intriguing name instead – Reddish Beige. Reddish beige?! Lunasol Coloring Cheeks comes in two parts (a lot of Japanese brands do this) – one side is […]

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