Strange Beauty Product of the Week! Chu! Lip Softening Steam Sheets


One of the best things I learned in Chizu Saeki’s The Japanese Skincare Revolution (review here) was a lip hydrating treatment, where you apply natural honey to the lips, then stick some cling film on top.  Leave for around 15 minutes and you end up with super soft, slightly sticky lips.  The point is the cling film on top of the lips really help work the product into the lips! So I thought this beauty […]

Pucker Up! It’s July the 6th – National Kissing Day!


I don’t really know what National Kissing Day means. Can we kiss people we’ve always wanted to kiss? Can anyone kiss us? What if there’s not one to kiss, do you kiss the wall? Anyway, snuggle up kitties, it’s time for a snog-fest! In honour of this, today will be a lip and kiss themed day on Cosmetic Candy. It’s like Valentine’s Day all over again, but without the cheap carnations from Esso. Kissed/Kiss/Kissing anyone […]

Valentines Lip Tip: Shills Lip Balm in Vanilla Milk


I can’t hear the word Shills without thinking: I got Shillssssssssssssssss They’re multiplyin’ So I made my first venture into Shills (A Taiwanese brand – thanks to Alison for letting me know!). The brand seems to be a bit of a mish-mash of things, a bit like Benefit bit with more variation. I had to buy the Vanilla Milk Lip Balm because how cute is the packaging? Cuuuuuttteeeeeeee! I love that moo moo cow. I […]

Lip Lightening Treatments – Why?!


Hair. Skin. Teeth. Anus. Is there anything left that can’t be lightened? Not according to Beauty DIY… Lightening Lip Mask: Girl, I hope they paid you well Personally speaking, I have quite pigmented lips that are quite pink. I have lip concealer type products if I want a really neutral base but these days I kind of work with it – so I can use a sheer gloss and still look like rosy. But a […]

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