Review: Aube Couture Designing Lip Gloss PK906

I was suckered in by the pretty pretty packaging of this Aube Couture lipgloss so I made my first purchase from this range, in PK906, the most pigmented and darkest shade of the range. Aube Couture is a range that is terribly safe – I imagine its a range that would appeal a lot to the average woman – perfect natural shades for work and for a laid back elegant look. A bit boring for […]

Review: MAC Colorcraft, Dazzleglass and some other rubbish

Gah! I don’t get the obsession with MAC most of the time – the packaging doesn’t change except for a few vinyl stickers, the colours always look the same to me even when they are supposed to be part of a new range, there’s no (or shall I say slow) innovation in terms of texture and finish, there’s 1028458289342983 new launches a year of the same old same old, their sales assistants are the surliest […]

Haul: Helena Rubenstein Goodies, how I love thee…

I made a little Helena Rubinstein haulage a while ago via eBay and fell in love. In a time when some make up brands are screaming and kicking like little kids trying to get attention, its nice to find a brand that is elegant, efficient, gorgeous… Demi Moore is the face of HR. She looks bootiful in the promo pics. Anyway I found this set online consisting of a duo and the Feline Intense Mascara […]

Review: Tallulah Cosmetics Plumping Lipgloss

So I got my mitts on these two pretty mineral lipglosses from Tallulah Cosmetics: I am a sucker for lip gloss, but I really need to stop buying them since they go off fairly quickly and I am no where using all of mine up. These glosses are ‘mineral’ and smell of custard-vanilla. They say: This unique gloss formula is 100% paraben free, with minerals (Mica, TiO2, Iron/Tin Oxides) and a natural humectant (castor seed […]

Review: Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Lip Concealer & Lip Gloss

Sometimes, just a name is enough to make me buy. In this case, the name was Kiss Me’s Heavy Rotation Lip Gloss and Concealer – what can be better than a Heavy Rotation? Kiss Me rangelooks pretty hot – the Kiss Me brand is especially well known for the Heroine Make range (with the blonde princess cartoon character) – I LOVE their eyelash curler (which took 2 days for me to lose). I ordered the […]

Review: Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick

I have tried a few of the long lasting style lip products in the past – Max Factor’s, Lip Ink, L’oreal. My experiences with them haven’t been wonderful, mainly because they dry my lips out big time. I wanted to see if Revlon’s new Color (American spelling!) Stay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick would do better. Up to 12 hours of color apparently! They say: * Food-proof lipcolor with a built-in, ultra-conditioning topcoat * One-step application- No […]

Hallo Gorgeous! Haul: Helena Rubinstein Feline Blacks Pencil and Wanted Gloss


Helena Rubinstein deserves your respect. Why? It has been noted by some sources that she invented the mascara, the modern day mascara (not the first cake mascara) as we know it today, that is the wand in a tube, and the liquid formula. But Helena Rubinstein the brand is not easy to get hold, certainly not in the UK or in the USA. I had some real old style HR make up years ago – […]

Don’t care how, I want it NOW! (Avon Spectra Color Lip, that is)


I never thought I would be dying for some Avon make up, but I am. Reece Witherspoon just popped up on TV and showed me her pointy chin (love Reece by the way) and her Avon SpectraColour Lipgloss. SpectraColour Lipgloss has a dial that turns to give you several different tones by using a number dial from pale to dark (like all the foundation products that you can ‘dial’ except this makes sense because presumably […]

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