Aveda Art of Nature Spring 2013 Make Up Collection Part 3: Lips & FOTD


My final instalment of the Aveda Art of Nature collection is all about the lips lips lips!  Once again I’ve never really used Aveda lip colour products before.  I have the Nourish Mint in Melochia Bloom Lipstick (914-Sheer), Nourish-Mint Lip Liner in Barberry Bloom Lip Pencil, Nourishing Mint Rehydrating Lip Glaze in Kukui – all of these formulas are Limited Edition. What I found interesting about these products is that they’re not necessarily complimentary, although […]

MAC Mini Lip Colour Haul! Angel & Ruby Woo Lipstick, Baby Sparks Dazzleglass & Underage Lip Glass


There’s no doubt that there is just something nice about buying a MAC product – although I am not obsessive about the brand, I do have a soft spot for some of their eyeshadows and the lipsticks! I love the vanilla scent.  Before Christmas I did some sorting out, and ended up with more back to MAC products then expected! With this I popped down to the counter and chose; Angel – one of my […]

Review: MAD Beauty Chocolate Truffle Lip Glosses

These little chocolate truffle-cum-lip balm/glosses have been around for a while now, but I was recently gifted this cute little trio: Three plastic lip truffles (what would they be? White chocolate, Chcolate Nut and something gross like coffee-fudge?) that come in little paper cups too! How quaint! Well you know it is nearly Christmas, so perhaps you’d like this set as a little prezzie…

Review: Coffret D’or Mix Essence Rouge Lip Gloss

I couldn’t resist these super pretty Coffret D’or Mix Essence Rouge Lip Glosses! They are sparkly and have a two tiered effect going on. I bought two colours, red and brown as they seemed the most pigmented: How long will these lipglosses remain looking separated? Well I hope quite long, because that’s reason I bought them! Brown 08:

Haul: Majolica Majorca Fairy Sadistic Autumn 2009 Collection

Shiseido’s Majolica Majorca must have one of the most innovative and beautiful websites I have ever seen – every season they design a interactive flash site with a new look and idea. Gorgeous, gorgeous. And all for some new make up. Majolica Majorca hasn’t won me over in a while and calling a collection ‘Fairy Sadistic’ doesn’t help. But I indulged anyway in three affordable glosses, their new blusher, the honey essence treatment and two […]

Review: Clinique Vitamin C Antioxidant Lip Smoothie in Goodness Grapecious

Boots currently has a Clinique Bonus Time offer on (more on that at the end of the post) so I decided to pick up one of these Vitamin C Lip Smoothies (£13.50) in a completely uncharacteristic plum shade, Goodness Grapecious (har-har): They Say: We’ve squeezed in the best ingredients, like Vitamin C, and powered-up antioxidants so lips look feel their healthy best. Your recommended daily dose of lusciousness. Brushes on luscious colour and shine in […]

Lady Gaga Neons: Cosmetics a la Carte Lip Gloss & Flush Blush

Ever found a to die for shade that you just can’t get out of your head? Its ok, you think, I’ll find a cheaper dupe somewhere else, there has to be one somewhere… Sometimes you find the dupe, sometimes you don’t. I admit, I am somewhat rubbish at looking for dupes – if a shade or product wows me (and that doesn’t happen often) then its probably something quite special. I was determined to find […]

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