Home Beauty Lesson 2: How to make your own Lip Balm Tutorial and Video

** A Video Version of this will follow shortly** Roll up, roll up for part 2 of my homemade beauty series. This week, its the ever popular lip balm that I will teach you to make. Lipbalm is one of the easiest things to make and there are lots of variations too, so you can make one that suits you. Mine is going to be a tinted Candy Floss Basic Lip Balm with Vitamin E […]

Review: Fat Burner Energy Lipbalm

First stickers that go on the bottom of your feet, then calculators you carry round with you to calculate the calories in all your food, then its pills that make you have oily farts. The never ending desire to find a quick/cheap/easy ways to lose weight is never ending. Trust me I know. Six Second Abs? Have it. Wii Fit? Have it. Pills and teas? Have it. That Calculator? I have it. I recently bought […]

My new favourite lipbalm: Skincology Advanced Hydrating Lip Conditioner

When other kids were collecting keyrings and take that stickers at high school I was busy collecting lipbalms – mainly The Body Shop lip butters or Boots own brand. Then I realised that when you use certain lip balms, it leaves the lips constantly dry and unable to cope when not slathered in the stuff. Yet I do have dry lips so have a habit of buying new lip balms constantly. My favourite was Le […]

5 super pretty pinky nude lip colours to try


Pretty pink nude is one of those staple shades that can look amazing on every skintone although it may take some searching to find the right depth and tone to suit your skin. This is the no brainer lip colour, you slap it on, it makes your lips look juicy, and you can’t say fairer than that. Sonia Rykiel Lipstick 03: This lipstick is gorgeousness in a tube. A nude, soft pink which is not […]

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