Debacles! and Chanel Allure Laque Lip Gloss


What a day I’ve had.  Had a pretty good week but Friday has crushed me in terms of general stressful happenings.  You know when you head hurts, your hands are a little shaky and you have odd bowel movements.  Oh, that’s just me. I needed a treat.  Just something to perk up an otherwise diabolic day. Yeah right, I wish.    No, some Chanel silly!  Went to have a look at lunch time.  They had […]

Green Lipgloss? Christian Dior Wildest Green Lipgloss & MAC Spring Bean


You know green is my favourite colour…but green lipgloss?! Has the world gone mad?! I have been obsessed with the idea of green lipgloss for sometime, but I am aware that it has to be the right shade of green, with micro shimmers, not something matte or opaque – urgh. I’ve had my eye on MAC’s Spring Bean Lustreglass for a while, which is a sheer green – it even has 4.2 on Makeupalley – […]

Lancome: Bafta Red Lipstick and Phia Black Lipgloss, by Aaron De Mey


I don’t do Lancome. I can’t explain it. Generally speaking, there is nada from the counter that I desire. Then I saw this: Oh, so beautiful – the look, the lips, the hair. LOVE. So I stopped by the Lancome counter with no intention of buying anything, so naturally I ended up with two things from this collection – the much hyped Black Phia Gloss and Color Fever lipstick 145 in Red (supposedly a TRUE […]

Elizabeth Bonbon Nude Oil Lip Gloss


Costing just $7, these Elizabeth Lipglosses are pretty cool: You can buy these from Adambeauty – they come in four shades, though 2 are out of stock. I got the 2 that were in stock, 3 and 4. They are quite similar though This picture is red toned, but 3 is a nude beige, and 4 is a nude warm rose/pink colour – both are flattering. No. 3: No. 4: The texture is lovely, like […]

Lunasol Contrasting Lipliner


Last year I was in love with Lunasol, but now I am finding the brand a bit dull. Nevertheless I found this cool lipliner (double ended) for a bargain price of $14.99 on eBay. I have the neutral one of this…somewhere. That cost about £18 at the time so I was happy to snap this up in shade no. 3: This is a lovely lipgloss – nice and soft and the highlight end works a […]

Review: Creme De La Mer Lip Balm


I started collecting lipbalms when I was at high school, when The Bodyshop lipbalms were all the rage.  We all had Satsuma and Mango, we all spent our £2.50 pocket money on the gunky crap.  And once we started applying, we never stopped. I always have time for lipbalm, although I am not always that disciplined about applying it, which is silly as I have dry lips.  However, I find lipbalm then lipcolour a bit […]

Lip Fusion Plump & Replump Liquid Lipstick in Red


I did a few stupid beauty things today. First, I mistook conditioner for shampoo – this meant the thing didn’t lather and I used up half a bottle wondering why it wasn’t working. Secondly, I applied a lipgloss to my cheek, thinking it was blush. Not my fault I swear! I have a Pixi blusher in a peach which looks just like a Pixi Lipgloss I have. It’s super sticky gunky stuff too. Thirdly, used […]

Giorgio Armani Midnight Lip Shimmer in Metallic Mauve


As predicted, I haven’t touched the YSL black gloss since I bought it. It’s just way too harsh. However, digging through my stash, I found a little used Armani Lip shimmer in a very dark plum. Now this is a nice alternative to the YSL. It sheers out to a plum colour with lots of micro sparkles. You like?!

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