Plump up those lips! Transformulas Ice Cool Lip Volume Review


There’s a few beauty things I don’t need, because I have plenty, which include: 1. Anything that enlarges the breasts 2. Anything that encourages brow growth 3. Anything that plumps the lips So testing Transformula’s Lip Volume product is, I guess a bit odd. But I am a sucker for lip products; lip base, lip concealer, lip gloss…. And besides, Lip Volume comes in a posh box: Everything is about the lip plumping these days […]

Thick, bee stung lips?: Try Plump & Shine Lip Gloss In Candy


Do you like a bit of lip plumping? Ever since Duwop’s Lip Venom, every other lip gloss I buy has menthol-tingly ingredients in it, devised to make my lips look fuller. *newsflash* I don’t need thicker lips! Seriously, I have used some lip glosses that have burned my lips so badly, and when I go outside and the cold air hits it – OUCH! Although, I guess I am partial to a little tingling. Plump […]

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