SANA Super Quick Lip Gloss Concealer Review and Swatches


One Japanese beauty trend that I love but find a little hard to wear, is the milky lip look – quite often achieved with the use of lip concealer and gloss on top, it’s not a million miles away from a Kim Kardashian lip that she pairs with a smoky eye. A quick and easy way to get it (and a product I forsee getting rather popular) is a 2 in 1 lip concealer and […]

B & C Makemania Nudy Lip Concealer SPF 15 Review


I don’t actually conceal my lips a lot (even though they are very pigmented) and I don’t INTENTIONALLY put foundation over them but it turns out that way most mornings as I am in a rush to get ready. (Yet somehow, I have a Kiss me , Beautymaker and SANA lip concealer!) However, I do love an interesting looking product, and I am so into the Gyaru look at the moment, which led me to […]

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