Baviphat Apple Jelly Lip Scrub doesn’t taste like apple


Baviphat is a Korean brand that make a number of quirky make up and skincare products.   My lips have been incredibly dry over the winter season so I decided…

Bliss Fabulips Treatment Kit Review: Foaming Lip Cleanser, Sugar Lip Scrub, Instant Lip Plumper, Softening Lip Balm


Kiss Kiss! Regular readers will know that I absolutely love any type of lip care product and am obsessed with buying new lip balms to try!  My first ever lip…

Help for dry, chapped lips: Skinfood Honey Lip Treatment Review


Despite Lip Scrubs (even home made ones!) my lips are still incredibly dry and chapped. So when I saw this Skinfood Honey Lip Treatment on eBay, I had to have…

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