5 Lemmings: My Sunday Wishlist 1st August 2010


It’s August girls! Are you like me, wondering how you managed to work the first half of the year away so quickly? Time passing so quickly has reminded me sharply that I need to reassess my yearly goals so I can be as focused as possible. I recently read The Secret – it’s so cheesy […]

Kill A Lemming – Payday Hauls


Here we go again! Every now and then I come up with a list of product that I just must buy and I get an itch. I buy it, it get used twice then discarded and forgotten. The other day I was at the shops and visited my favourite beauty floor in Selfridges. I ended […]

Kill A Lemming: My MAC Shopping List


Ok its time to help me kill some Lemmings. I am always accumulating, so even these big blog sales I do make little difference to my collection. Boo! Here are the things on my want list from MAC (I don’t even like MAC). Feel free helping me kill a few lemmings: 1. Lady Danger Lipstick […]

Spring Lemmings!


So I said I was bored of buying stuff. What that means is that I won’t buy things in every shade, I’ll just buy the shades I’ll actually wear…. I must, I must have: 1)Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin & 24/7 Pencils (my favourite) in Graffiti, Flipside, Ransom and Underground. Boots normally do offers […]

Kill a lemming: Cle De Peau Contour Powder


Oooh, ooooh. It’s amazing what a bit of subtle contouring makes, and this kit by Cle De Peau is gorgeous! You have to buy the case then two sets of refills: Were look at about £90-£100 smackers for this baby! Worth it or not?! Can anyone think of any similar sets?

Worth it or not worth it?


Words cannot express how much this Cosme Decorte AQ (Absolute Quality) Quad sets my heart alight: I love that green, I love that peach, I love that black. There is a problem here though – price – $89.99. In the current market, you looking at about £65 (bearing in mind Paypal gives itself a little […]

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