The Vaseline Essential Moisture T-Day Challenge, Part 1!


Yesterday, I stepped outside and there was some strange orange orb in the sky radiating warmth….IS THAT THE SUN? Oh aye, it was the sun.  Here’s the thing – oop North, the sun doesn’t appear that often and even if it does, by the time you’ve run home to put a skirt on and rub in some sun cream, it’s started raining.  But with all things going well…we might have some sunshine for the upcoming […]

Want sparkly legs?! Naris Up Be Body Leg Mousse Mote-Ashi Massager Review


You know I find the strangest things to review sometimes…. This Naris Up Be Body Attractive Leg Mousse is a massage lotion that refreshes the legs. It can help with tiredness, discomfort, and it contains grapefruit and menthol to refresh.  There’s a sparkly pearl in this to leave your legs…well sparkly, and it hydrates a tiny bit. It comes in a can like this: Oh yes, I do get horribly sore legs sometimes.  If you’re […]

Tired, achy legs? SANA Esteny The Massage Cool For Leg Review


SANA makes some really interesting skincare! And their body care stuff is fun too – they have stuff like super hot body scrub (it’s like rubbing chilli on your body) and tingly lotions. I like to torture myself so I bought their newest leg cream-gel thing, which is from the Esteny range. It’s called The Massage Cool for Leg – this is very much to get tired legs nice and hydrated and gives it a […]

SANA Esteny Hip & Leg Power Tight Gel Review


I am really into tight tights lately – why do I mean? I mean tights that are thick and tight, and therefore apply a certain amount of pressure on your lower legs to keep the circulation going and help relieve aches and pains (which I have been getting a lot :P). SANA is one of my favourite Japanese brands for quirky fun goodies, and their Esteny range sells a number of body products for the […]

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