Wet Hair, Dry Now! Lee Stafford Blow Dry Your Hair Faster Wonder Spray Review


If you have seen my second You Tube Video with Megs, you will know that according to Chinese grannies (or perhaps just my granny), you are not supposed to go to sleep with wet hair. My gran says this is because it will give you ‘wind wet’ (literal translation!) or rather, Rheumatism. I always wash in the evening. Habit. My hair stays wet for ages because I tend to let it dry naturally. It has […]

Brown My Bits: Lee Stafford Magic Potion Tanning Spritz Review


I was bundled one of these Lee Stafford Fake My Tan Spritzes in a good bag recently. Aside from Xen Tan, I’m not really interested in tanning products, but I was intrigued by this because its a temporary spray on product. Therefore it works instantly and there’s no stink. I got the Magic Potion Tanning Spritz, named Brown My Bits. It comes in Light to Medium and Dark and I got Dark, hurrah! Few pointers […]

Want longer hair? Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Review


It wasn’t until I had a horrendously mad mullet cut last year that I started looking up ways to get my hair to grow faster, quicker. All kind of things came up – special shampoos, special tables, horse tablets and what not. Not really willing to stretch to taking bizarre tablets for the sake of making my hair grow faster, so I have just been letting it slowly become humanish again. Then this Lee Stafford […]

Bargin Christmas Gift: Lee Stafford Climate Control Set

This nifty Lee Stafford Set on sale at Boots for £8 is a rather good purchase because not only do you get a pink brolly in the set, its also in the 3 for 2! The spray is pretty good to, it helps with control and frizzies too (when you’ve been out in the rain!). Lee Stafford Climate Control Protection Spray is a long lasting non-sticky hairspray with a flexible hold that helps to weatherproof […]

Lee Stafford Question & Answer Session

Quite a while ago, I asked you girlies what hair questions you have for the Celebrity Hairdresser, Lee Stafford. I’ve got the answers for you here – so did you ask a question? Care to know the answer? Lee has recommend products from his own product range after each question. Which celebrity do you think has great hair at the moment? My current celebrity hair crush is Dannii Minogue. (Good choice! – Ed). Few people […]

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