Laura Gellar Haul Feedback!

So a week or two ago I got suckered in like a sucker to buy not one, not two, but five Laura Geller Sets from QVC. All have arrived and I have had a chance to road test then to see what is worth keeping and what isn’t. Smoke Signals: Surprisingly, I really liked this set a lot. The eyeshadow is soft, the lipstick is a retro nude, the mascara isn’t for me although it […]

Laura Gellar Smoke Signals Kit

Shopping at QVC in England is like admitting that you buy your knickers from Netto. People laugh at you openly if you admit you buy stuff from any home shopping network, unless you are – a. Called Ethel or Beryl b. Have always been one of those “queer types” c. Are a known hermit Luckily I am all three. So I had was like a kitten in a room full of mice when Laura Geller’s […]

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