Ravings of a mad insomniac….

I’ve had about three hours sleep today – for some reason I woke up in a cold panic. Which Chanel Quad do I want next? No not really. I am very paranoid about catching a virus that’s been spreading rapidly in the UK – The Norwalk virus, or Winter Vomiting Virus. I had this same time last year. In my twenty odd years, I have can barely remember a time I have been sick; iron […]

January Resolutions…

I can’t believe I have only been blogging for three months! It feels like a lot longer and I have made some amazing friends… Surely I can’t welcome in the new year without a few resolutions? 1. I need to exercise and eat better. I have been surviving on Marks & Spencers Balsamic & Sea Salt Crisps for a year… 2. I need to cut down how much stuff I buy! From now on I […]

Happy New Year!

New Year is upon us…well actually I have 6 hours to go, but as I am out and about to celebrate, I shall wish you all a very very Happy New Year, and hoping that you have all got your resolutions ready to fulfil.

The Choco Monster

So my other half has been working like crazy – anyway he gave me some chocolate as a consolation. Mmm I think. What a fancy bar. I finally get round to eating some today and I find the most pefect bite mark in the corner – And a smaller one in the corner – No doubt he got peckish on those long working nights! It just made me laugh because it’s the most perfectly shaped […]

Rambings from a crazy insomniac…

I’ve been finding it impossible to sleep like a normal human these days, so I fall asleep at 6am and wake up at 3pm! I know – I was thinking of staying up for 24 hours to reset my body clock so I could fall asleep at a normal time, like 12pm. Anyway whilst I’m here I just want to share a few home comforts which are nursing me as I type – My Dolce […]

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