You know the kid that everyone tagged at school, because you know she could never catch anyone? That was me. Anyway – not afraid of my Chinese burn, Yummy411 has tagged me. The cheek! On a Sunday too! 1. What was I doing 10 years ago? I was 16, a teenager, busy eating hot pots and rice puddings, getting fat, wishing I could marry Ronan Keating. Wanted to know what this ‘getting fingered’ stuff that […]

Weekend Ramblings

Hey – how’s your week been? Mine has been fragmented and somewhat discerning. Nevertheless, we can only keep our chin up and keep going, no? Today the Wii Fit was released in the UK. Of course I got my greasy mitts on one: I haven’t played with it yet because I’m too lazy to plug it in. What do you mean, how do I expect to do the daily exercises then ? I will, ok, […]


So, I am working on a swatch album for my rather big make up collection. I have a lot of Japanese and unusal products, and I wanted to share swatches with people, since I know I love looking at peoples collections and checking out colours before I buy (and thats not always possible if you are buying over the net.) I hugely underestimated how much time it would take! My studio lights are lost under […]

Pop Beauty Palette & Shu Lash Applicator

The weather is finally starting the cheer up here in England; its nicely warm and bright, is it nearly spring?! I finally did the exercise DVD I bought in January (ahem) and I nearly died after the warm up and first work out. I didn’t even attempt the boxercise section or the stretches because I felt like I had climbed a mountain. And I probably burned what – a quarter of a Reeces Peanut Butter […]

Paul & Joe Disney Collection…

..should be here, in my arms. But it isn’t. Why? BECAUSE DELIVERY COMPANIES CANNOT DO THEIR JOB PROPERLY! Ok not all of them. Just 99%. I think I get enough packages to safely say that now without feeling like I am generalizing. I know the directions to Parcelforce, Interlink, Citylink, Parceline, Amtrak, TNT depots off the back of my hand. Why? Because they DON’T DELIVER LIKE THEY SHOULD! I always have to go and collect, […]

Since you’ve been gone…

Meanwhile the other half still wants a kitten. I got this in my inbox: Kitteh! Does anyone know what breed this little one is? It’s so cute… Anyway I have tips. The key to getting your other half up to buy a McDonald’s breakfast is: 1. Give him enough time. Even though McDonalds is never to far from anyone’s home, you have to give him at least an hour to wake up and orientate himself, […]

What the Lady wants, the Lady gets…

So a few days ago I saw a tester for an eyeshadow in a store called Superdrug, which sells the more low end cosmetic ranges (but prices are slowly creeping up). The brand, Sleek, is known for producing cosmetics for dark skins. I spotted a 12 shadow eyeshadow palette, and became obsessed. The colours were rich, pigmented, strong and metallic and soft. There was a problem…there were none in stock. So I was on a […]

Yum Yum for my Tum

Just a quickie…I will posting soon on a wonderful CP that Musey sent to me – inside was a load of American Candy and my favourite of all time – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! Seeing as the BF felt the need to munch through most of the bag whilst he was playing Grand Car Theft – or whatever its called – I found a UK supplier who stocks Reese’s for a decent price and ordered […]

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