Ardell Clear Glue for Strip Lashes


I am addicted to fake lashes, even though I am still crap at applying them. Nevertheless I have decided to practise! The glue I get with my lashes (korean branded) is crap. I also have the She Uemura glue but I am quite allergic to it. So I have ordered the Ardell Clear Lash Glue: It isn’t actually CLEAR. It’s white and dries clear. Allegedly. I haven’t tried it yet – all I will say […]

Suqqu me!


I have been waiting forever for my Suqqu’s to arrive – a friend of mine, great friend but terribly unreliable was supposed to hand them over…about 7 months ago. Instead she got on a plane to China to teach English. Anyway her bro kindly dropped of a lovely bag full of goodies for me yesterday and inside were the long awaited Suqqu’s! My first impressions were – how sturdy it is, how heavy. I’ve been […]

D’Feel Eyelash Curler & Privacy Eyelash Spray

If there is one thing that I would like to swap with my boyfriend, its not his hairy arms, but his long, lush, curly eyelashes. Everyone knows long lashes are wasted on straight men. And he has the cheek to whine in front of me *ooh, my lashes are getting tangled*. Unfortunately I do not have this problem. My lashes are short, straight, sparse. In a pursuit of curly lashes, I will stop at nothing, […]

Elephant Lashes?

I had to share this beautiful picture with you from the Guardian website. This little elephant has the most amazing lashes I have ever seen, although I am sure they aren’t as soft as human lashes!

D’Feel Lash Curling Technology!

If there’s one beauty thing I am obsessed with it’s how to get curly lashes that stay all day. I have 30 mascaras and I can say honestly, only 2 truly do not cause any – shall we call if ‘floppage’?! So Imagine how excited I was when I saw this product be a company call D’Feel lash curlers. You click in a canister into the curler section, lock, then spray and curl at the […]

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