Super Soft False Lashes! Esqido Mink Lashes


I am still rubbish at applying false eyelashes although I am trying – I really am – to apply them so that it doesn’t look like I’ve done my face in the dark.  As tempting as it is to buy 99p lashes from Home Bargains, there’s no doubt that better quality lashes (crucially, a soft band) are easier to apply and give a more natural, pretty finish. I find that my Asian eye shape is […]

I Love Lash by Teresa Smith – Lash Extension Treatment Review!


Regular readers will know that I have tried various lash extension treatments in the past so I am bit of a veteran at this kind of thing!   My overall pros and cons can be seen here and I would say that the finish you get completely depends on the skill of your lash tech.  For me, lashes can sometimes be overly heavy as people overestimate how much weight my lashes can take (even though they are […]

Eyelash Extension Treatment Review: Boudoir Lashes by Asma Docrat


Lash treatments? I’ve had them all! Lash perms, last extensions, lash tints.  I must admit that after a while it becomes tiresome because all lash treatments inevitably, require a fair amount of maintaince.  Of course, each persons level of acceptable maintanece if different to anothers; my willingness to get top up treatments for anything besides hair, is low. Having said that it had been a while since I had lash extensions, so I was quite […]

Lash Growth Serum Mylash Update! Long swishy lashes!


I had a lash perm last week, no particular reason other than I felt like it, and thought it would be a good time to show off my lashes! I have been applying Mylash serum every other night just because I just can’t seem to remember to do it every single day but it’s really kicked in. I have managed to stick to this one where I haven’t with others because I don’t get much […]

Super Lash Growth Serum Test! M2 Beaute Power Lash Duo Grow; Eyelash Activating Serum & Revitalising Gloss


I was starting to feel a bit left out since everyone seems to be using lash serums and experiencing vast amounts of lash growth at the moment… And then this sexy looking duo from M2 Beaute arrived in the post! This M2 Lashes duo consists of a serum and gloss which is supposed to increase length, volume and the condition of your lashes – and boy do I need it. Used daily, this duo shows […]

New Favourite Lash Combo: Max Factor 2000 Calorie and Aqua Lash!


I was going through my make up DVDs (I have about 27!) because I will be a proud owner of the new iPod touch – so I want to get my videos together, ready to add! Anyway one of the make up artists used two mascaras to create volume and length – and according to her using a waterproof mascara first then a volumizing one on top helps to hold curl. She also used Max […]

Pre Holiday Pamper: Lash Perm at J Crystal Salon – I love my lashes!


I’ve had a few lash perms now but the last experience gave me shudders and scared the life out of my eyeballs. The woman was so incredibly rough near my eyes, I had the end of cuticle sticks near it, it stung, it was far far far more uncomfortable that it should’ve been. But since I was going away I knew that I couldn’t be bothered curling my eyelashes – when your lashes are like […]

Make Applying Fake Lashes Easier?: Eylure Easi-Lash Applicator Review


Unfortunately, applying lashes is something I need to master (when I have time, I do get a sneaky practise in!). My favourite lash applicator tool (I’ve tried so many) is one by Shu Uemura. It’s really excellent for fixing down the corners of a fake lash without poking yourself in the eye. However I keep losing it. At the time of writing, my Shu Uemura Lash Applicator is indeed, lost. So I picked up this […]

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