Foundation and Concealer in One! Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation SPF22 Review


I purchased this Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation a few weeks ago because I loved the idea of having a 2 in 1 product – see this has a liquid foundation and concealer in the same pot! Packaging: Another reason I bought this was because it came in a ‘darker’ shade (by Korean standards!) in a shade 33 – which is supposed to be quite a tan hue. Laneige is a pretty decent Korean brand […]

Laneige Spring Bloom Palettes

My previous purchase of Laneige was this palette, with a spectacular case and 9 gorgeous, soft, pigmented shades – it is my out and about palette (yes I do my make up in a rush nearly every morning). From this palette I can do simple, smokey, pinks, orange, taupe, purple…Gorgeous! So of course I had to indulge in Spring Bloom. Although with four shades, the eyeshadow palette has just my kind of colours: Now, on […]

The most beautiful case ever! (By Laneige!)

Laneige is a Korean brand, that produces Cosmetics and Skincare. I spotted this interesting palette, with 9 different squares of colour. The colour palette is certainly random, with some plum, silver, white, purple etc. but that is what I wanted – an eyeshadow palette I can carry around with me and do lots of different looks with! A couple of the squares have a beautiful glittery content which is hot right now! And what I […]

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