Smelly Cooking Hair? Try Salon Style Precious Head Spa Scalp Refresher & Mandom Baby Veil Hair Fragrance!


I do like cooking although I have to mentally prepare myself sometimes for spending hours in the kitchen; preparing meals for Baby H, lunches for Mr C, dinner and something healthy for myself in one go means spending lots of time cooking and cleaning simultaneously.  And something that annoys me so, is having freshly washed hair that gets infused with cooking smells, especially garlic!  We love garlic in this household! To be fair I do […]

Ready Made Moist Face Pads! Kose Clear Turn 3 in 1 Deep Moist Essence Lotion In Cotton Review


2 years ago (wow!) I wrote about The Japanese Skincare Revolution, a book by a lady called Chizu Saeki, a skincare guru. In the book she recommends a regime of using moist facial masks and sheets to hydrate and plump this skin; according to her, this was one of the most important steps to looking young! I have tried this a few times to good results provided I use a decent toner but then gain […]

Kose Nature & Co Pure White Day Care Essence Vs Mint & Tea Sun Protector Review


Sun screen, oh sun screen. After my Elemis skin scan I will no longer leave the house without Sunscreen! I recently bought 2 sunscreens (how many times can I say that?) from Kose’s Nature & Co brand.  Nature & Co is a really interesting range and one of the first Japanese ‘natural’ ranges. I bought the older one, which is the Pure White Care Day Essence and the newest release Mint & Tea Sun Protector. […]

Kose Salon Style Precious Head Spa Day Damage Care Milk UV Review


Salon Style is a Kose hair care brand. It’s a shame shampoo and conditioners are too heavy to ship over otherwise my shower would be lined with Shiseido! I actually bought this Salon Style Precious Head Spa milk because I thought it was some kind of sunscreen (because of the UV bit) – there’s no SPF listed but it is supposed to offer some kind of protection. Kose SALON STYLE Precious Head Spa Day Damage […]

Protect, Whiten, Brighten: Kose COEN RICH Q10 White UV Protector SPF50+ Review


I am crazy for SPF at the moment, and one of my recent purchases was this Kose Coen Rich Q10 SPF. This comes in a handy small sized container (good for the handbag) with a SPF50 and whitening properties. It’s also waterproof and good for outdoor activities – what else could you want (if running for the bus counts as an outdoor activity?!). This little bottle needs a good shake before you squeeze it out, […]

Ooh Ahh Brows: Kose Cosmagic Lock On Eyebrow Pencil Review


Earlier this week, I reviewed the Hyper Beam Eyeliner by Cosmagic, a tiny range by Kose. I have also purchased the Lock On Eyebrow Pencil from the range to review! I don’t have THAT many brow products. I have a range from Anastasia, I have a Shu Uemura Hard Pencil, I have a brow pencil from MAC and various brow powders. My brows are quite dark so its not an everyday product for me. This […]

Kose Cosmagic Hyper Beam Eyes Black Glitter Powder Eyeliner Review


Cosmagic is a tiny little range from Japan’s Kose Brand which has just some mascara, eyeliner and brow pencils. It has me captivated though, cos it looks oh so cool. I completed my collection of Cosmagic with this Hyper Beam Eyes Black Glitter Powder Eyeliner (a mouthful, no?). Hyper Beam. Let me Hyper Beam You. (I’ve discussed products with silly names quite a few times.) Anyway, here is the Hyper Beam! Oh how I love […]

The Mascara you can measure – Review: Cosmagic

I have lots of Mascaras – half opened, half used – but I just had to buy Kose’s new Cosmagic Mascara – why? Because it comes with a lash ruler! This mascara is supposed to make your lashes 3mm longer and the ruler is there to prove it. I got this from eBay for about £10. It comes in a pretty pink tube: The brush in an interesting spiral, which I have to say is […]

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