5 hot plummy purple lips I like


I am doing a lip colour special for the next two weeks – I have been sorting my drawer of lip colours (what a waste! So many glosses that are bound to go off!) and I have complied 5 of my favourite purple and plummy lip colours to begin with. Stila Lip Glaze in Pomegranite: Thick glossy texture – one of my very first make up obsessions was the lip glazes! Stila is no more […]

Korres Gift Sets; Plum, Guava, Something else that’s pink


I picked up three Korres Gift Sets for discounted prices! I am quite fond of Korres although I wouldn’t say I love them – moreover, after this debacle, they offered to send me a replacement, which the never did. Ah that’s right, the pink one Quince, the Plum Gift Set and Guava. The quince and guava sets come with lip butters and a body butter tube and the plum set comes with a lip butter, […]

Korres Green Silt & Corallina Hair & Scalp Scrub


I am still looking for a solution to my badly behaved scalp. I found this intriguing product by Greek Brand Korres, which is a scrub….for the scalp! The gel is a green colour with small slit particles in it. About 4 pumps can cover your scalp and then you can give it a good rub for 5 minutes – you can also rub through your hair but I don’t see the point. It’s all about […]

Korres Lip Butter & Bronzer

Korres is one of those brands that has long escaped my attention, untill last week, in the evilness that is TK MAXX, I noticed a bundle pack, costing £19.99 that had two blushers, two foundations, two lip glosses and a powder. Good Value huh? I’ve found that there’s no point in buying foundation three shades too dark (I won’t wake up early to mix it in with my foundation) and luminous red lipstick will never […]

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