Koji Dolly Wink Eyeshadow in 03 Smoky Brown (new shade)


Koji Dolly Wink recently released 3 new eyeshadow shades to their current collection.  The three colours are all from the Brown family group so great for you neutral lovers!  The 3 palettes are called 1. Brown 2. Pink Brown and 3. Smoky Brown. I purchased 03.  Smoky browns are my favourite and from the online image, it looked like a cool toned brown palette with a silvery taupe.

Cheap Cheerful Eyelash Curlers: Koji Eyelash Curler No. 71 & No. 100


I lose eyelash curlers more often than I lose my keys, which is at least once a day…you know how Hansel and Gretel leave crumbs behind them to find their way home? I’d leave a trail of eyelash curlers. So this year I invested in about five pairs of lash curlers, anticipating any emergency situations. See I get really ratty when I can’t find my curlers. Koji are a Japanese company that focus on lashes […]

Koji Extra Wide Curving Eyelash Curler Review


Koji are a Japanese brand that specialises in Lash Curlers, Fake Lashes, Lash Tape, Lash Glue, Mascara, Eyeliners, – you see their niche? I got this eyelash curler because its supposed to be a special shape for Asian eyes – wider, flatter – so its supposed to catch all your lashes in one go: The length across is 38mm: This is Japanese engineering darling – even this curler is ergonomic! I have used a few […]

KOJI LineQueen 1-Day Long Makeup Liquid Eyeliner


Who doesn’t want liquid eyeliner to last all day? The Japanese do long lasting make up better than anyone else, methinks, so I finally tested out some 24 hour eyeliner by Koji. The brush is very fine, but also a little flat. It feels like a soft pen and is quite flexible. It gives you the most perfect thin line! Features: 1. Super fine tip – with a ultra fine tip of 0.1mm, it gives […]

Koji Spring Curl Mini Eyelash Curler


Koji are a Japanese brand which makes those things for giving you the doube eyelid look, glues etc. etc. They have some cool videos to watch on their website here. I am always looking for the perfect eyelash curlers. I have them all – Shu Uemura, Suqqu, Shiseido, Jill Stuart, The Body Shop, Jemma Kidd, Kose etc. My current favourite is Nars which fits my eye perfectly and gets a nice curl without too much […]

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