Beauty Lemming: Trish McEvoy Turquoise Python Petite Make Up Planner


Must. Have. This. Beauty. Trish McEvoy is famous for her planners and refillable make up system. The pre-made planners are good value for the make up you get in them – a nice way to start collecting otherwise it can be quite pricey. Anyway, the Trish McEvoy Turquoise Python Planner! I love the planner as I like turquoise and I like snakeskin. It also includes: Petite page Eye Base Essentials Bare, deluxe travel size Azure […]

Review: Kitten & Vixen ‘Eye Put A Spell On You’ Eye Kit


Oh my gosh, what a back log! Today I am reviewing this kit which is from Kitten & Vixen. This super cute kit comes with a dual ended pencil liner and mascara, a sponge applicator and a sharpener. Eye Put A Spell on You…………. Kitten Vixen Cosmetics, by the way are not tested on animals and the range is free from synthetic fragrances and colours. The pigments used in the products are mineral based. This […]

Review: Pixi Smoky Eye Kit makes sultry eyes easy

I didn’t have much luck with the Cargo’s smoky eye kit so when I saw this one from Pixi for just £21, I had to have it! You get an eyeshadow – a quad almost because its got for dark tones in it, a double ended brush (shadow/liner) a gel liner and a mascara in a gift box. The size of the products (mascara and gel liner) I think are full sized – I know […]

Review: Cargo Eye Shimmer Kit – 6 Mini Pigment Set

More Cargo today! Pigments stain fabrics. Fact. I don’t own any sheets that haven’t been sprinkled with the stuff. Pigment….glitter…..everywhere…… I picked up this set in the sale at my local Supermarket for about £7. I love mini sized everything, so this was ideal: I bought the cream shadow version of this once from QVC but I didn’t like it so I sent it back. The beauty of being able to return cosmetics. Want to […]

Review: Cargo SmokyEye Kit for…well, Smoky Eyes

In my local Sainsburys (that’s a supermarket by the way, my international pals), I spied a Cargo counter, but never bought anything even though I like the look of the range. Something about buying Sainsbury’s Value Baked Beans for 20p alongside a £20 foundation just didn’t seem to match up for me. Then one day – TA DA! 50% sale. I made a killing – will review what I got bit by bit. One of […]

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