Kiss ‘Kiss My Eyes’ Glamourize Eyeshadow BR-1 Chocolate Hues Review


Months ago, a lovely reader helped me purchase this chocolate eyeshadow palette from Kiss (a Japanese brand) called the Glamourize Shadow.  There are 4 shades in the compact and they colours are very natural. I’ve been totally into nude eyeshadow palettes lately, I just like the natural glow at the moment.

Japan Haul featuring Love Clover, Addiction, Canmake, Kiss and SANA!


My lovely friend in Japan helped me out with a haul – yep, about twice a year (I think!) I get this urge to try out make up from Japan which isn’t that easily available. We had a bit of a disaster with nail polish (apparently you can’t send them via airmail) but we got there in the end! I have had mixed results with Love Clover (from B&C Labs) products but I noticed their […]

Monday Giveaway: Win 1 of 4 Kiss Nail Care Sets


vMonday is the day for winning! Says me. Today you can win one of FOUR Nail Care Sets from Kiss, worth £50 each. The Kiss Nail Care Gift Set Includes: 2 sets of Press-On Nail Tabs (5.98) Draw-on French Tip Pen (5.99) 2 kits of Petite EverLasting French Nail Kit (16.98) 2 kits of Square Shaped EverLasting Nail Kit (16.98) 2 Nail Files (2.99) The Everlasting French Nails from Kiss are now manufactured with bonded […]

Kiss Rouge G Pure Peach and Pure Apricot – Gloss in a stick!


Kiss (or Passion NY) is not a Japanese brand I pay that much attention too, but sometimes they come up with cute stuff. I noticed their new shades in the Rouge Kiss G range (glossy type). Kiss always pick girls to model for them that look around 13 and are as pasty as hell. Hey, nothing wrong with being pasty. It’s the slightly pervy-13-but-seductive look I think is weird. I got two shades, Pure Apricot […]

Kiss Chocolate Eyes Duo


When I was a kid, I had a doll called Chocolotte. Chocolottie was my best friend. I was a stuffed toy kinda gal, not a dolly one, but Chocolottie was so pretty, with her soft curls…her hair smelt of chocolate and she had a little friend called Chocolate Drop who was annoying be he was easy to lose. CHOCOLOTTIE! What happened to you! Did I leave you in C&A? Did my mother put in you […]

Adambeauty Haulage


Yay Maquillage! I got the new palettes in the purple and brown set: I love the look of this palette! There’s a cream shadow, three powder shadows and one eyeliner and all the applicators all in a fairly compact, er, compact. I also got the Lip Chocolat Treatment from Kiss: I also got KATE’s palette: All in all a good haul, no? Can’t wait to play with MAQUillage but I am sure the lovely sparkles […]

Juvenile Nail Polish of the Day: Kiss


My nails are STILL disgusting after using the Marianne Newman nail polish in Midnight without a base. I know! But it was supposed to wash off! I decided to try some unopened polish today from Kiss: Firstly – I know, the colour is bright but I like bright lime, ok?! That’s not the problem. The problem is the texture of the polish, which was slightly lumpy, full of chunky glitter and just thick and gunky. […]

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