Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara Remover Review


Heroine Make Mascara Remover is made for use with Heroine Make Mascara or any tough waterproof formula. This product will melt the mascara off your lashes without any rubbing, scrubbing or any other type of -ing. At about £7 it’s not that cheap but ok because it is very hard to get Heroine Make mascara off: I am basically dedicated to Kose Softymo eye make up remover and when I’m feeling saucy, Lancome Bi Facial […]

5 Days of Lashes: No. 4 Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara Volume Review


I really like the Heroine Make range overall so decided to buy the Volume mascara to try. I am really struggling to find an amazing mascara these days – everything is just ok. Here is the Heroine Make mascara which cones in Length & Volume formulas: Warning: Look out for fake Heroine Make mascaras! I will post on this in the future as I bought some fakes off eBay. Buy from a reputable seller like […]

Haul: Kiss Me Heroine Make Liquid Eyeliners, Liquid Eyebrow, Pencil Eyeliner Review


Heroine Make is a relatively small range of products (eyeliners, fake lashes, lash glue, lash curlers, lip glosses) from Kiss Me. Their eyelash curler is one of my favourites, along with Koji and Nars. The liquid eyeliner is wonderful! So here are some more bits and bobs I recently hauled. I bought 4 items, their liquid eyeliner in a pot, their quick eyeliner, the smooth liquid eyeliner which is like a felt time and the […]

Kiss Me Heroine Make Liquid Rouge Lip Colours in Sugar Rose and Berry Rose Review


I went through a phase of loving Heroine Make a few weeks ago and buying lots of bits from the brand. It’s weird because I largely ignored the brand until recently but it’s really a great range. Their eyeliners and mascara’s are fantastic for the price. I bough two of their liquid rogue’s in Sugar Rose 01 and Berry Rose 03: This is not a liquid rouge, in that it is far too sheer to […]

Super nude lips! Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Sugar Glamorous Lip Nude Lipgloss Review


I really love Kiss Me products at the moment, and especially their Heavy Rotation range! A lot of Japanese brands err on the side of sparkly and sheer, but Heavy Rotation is full on NUDE LIPS and SMOKEY EYES! BAM! I already own some of their brow concealer, lip concealers and lip glosses, but I noticed this new sheerer formula on eBay: I love nude lips, I really do but I’ve started to find the […]

Super Sticky: Kiss Me Heroine Make Eyelash Glue Review


Kiss Me’s brand, Heroine Make is not one to be ignored – they make, for example, absolutely brilliant Eyelash Curlers and Liquid Eyeliner! As mentioned before, I am not the best at applying fake eyelashes. I usually want to get them perfect but I can’t even get them on half wonky….its a hard life. Plus I have sensitive eyes. I have realised that I am totally allergic to Shu Uemura’s Eyelash Glue (burning pain!) so […]

Love This: Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Smooth Line Gel Liner in Black


There are so many companies these days, that make excellent gel liners that its hard to wholeheartedly recommend one. A black liner, I suppose, could come in a few different hues of black, or have a few different textures, and could have different lasting abilities. But overall, I’ve tried tons of gel liners and the cheap liners and expensive liners all work pretty well. I bought another gel liner from the Heavy Rotation range from […]

Eyebrows too tranny? Try Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Eyebrow Concealer


I am of course, forever searching for new interesting things in the beauty world, so when I found a brow product for paling out the eyebrows I had to buy it. Most people spend their time darkening their brows and adding colour. I naturally have enough hair in the brow area and they’re dark so I don’t really need to use anything on them, if I don’t want to. They also have quite an obvious […]

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