KIEHL’S Midnight Recovery Concentrate & Alicia Keys Helping Keep A Child Alive


Midnight Recovery Concentrate (MRC!) is one of my favourite – if not my favourite – skincare products from Kiehls (I will review soon).   It is a very light weight facial oil which is used a night (obviously) to give radiance to the skin the following day.   Kiehls has now teamed up with Alicia Keys (New Yorrrrrkkkk) to release a limited edition bottle of MRC to support the Charity, Keep A Child Alive.  The […]

Winter Skincare: Kiehls Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque


I am on the path to sorting out my skin, I am, and one product I have been road testing is this overnight mask (or masque!) from Kiehls (a current skincare crush of mine).  Sleeping Packs are not a new thing, although it may sound like a weird concept – there are many of them amongst Asian beauty brands (my description of what they are here).   There are fewer sleeping mask products on the […]

Kiehl’s Skincare Set Sale Haul! Ultrimate Strength Hand Salve, Creme de Corps, Ultra Facial Moisturiser


Over Christmas I did well to avoid sales and unnecessary purchases, although I was tempted by the online SpaceNK sale (which was pretty good if you got there early enough)! I ended up with this Kiehl’s skincare set which was half price (it was around £27 I paid in the end) for four full sized items! I have a soft spot for Kiehl’s products so this was a really nice chance to try them out […]

Second Chance Friday: Kiehl’s Cream with Silk Groom Review


Next up on Second Chance Friday is the famous Kiehl’s Cream with Silk Groom, a product which I think sounds like it’s made for horses… This product is a thick paste which moisturises the hair and helps with the styling. It’s infused with Wheat protein, Soy protein and Jojoba Oil. My initial thoughts of this product, when I used it a few years ago was that it was horribly heavy and greasy. It made my […]

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