Karin Herzog Review and Final Skincare Update


Its time for a round up on my thoughts and feelings of the Karin Herzog Skincare range which was kindly sent to me a while back to test out. Here is my initial post ok Karin Herzog and my update at week 2-3 and at week 4-5. As you know, when I started out I had tons of breakouts which was normal, and then eventually that calmed down significantly. If you want to see what […]

Skincare Routine Update: Karin Herzog Week 4-5

Ok, so I am in about week 5 now of the Karin Herzog Skincare routine. I have to say, the Chocolate Cleanser and Scrub are running a little on the low side. Maybe I’ve been using too much? I’m not sure but you do only get a 50ml bottle (cleansers are usually 150ml-200ml aren’t they?). The major breakouts (in clusters) has stopped. However, 5 days ago I had to gigantic, pus filled, painful volcanoes appear […]

Skincare Routine Update: Week 2-3 with Karin Herzog

Ok, where are we now with Karin Herzog? Week 2/3 I believe. The last time I updated I have a few massive pus filled boils on my face and on my chin, as well as few little bumpy areas on my face. So to update you briefly – 1. The massive pussy (hehe) spots have gone. No eruptions, however my skin still feels a bit bumpy around the chin area. 2. Overall, the skin is […]

Skincare Routine Update: Week 1 (with Karin Herzog) is Spot-a-rama

I’ve decided to do little updates to my new skincare routine for when I am specifically testing out a brand. At the moment, I am using Karin Herzog – using these products. Starting out with any new skincare if tough and I am finding it a rocky road at the moment its like that. My skincare consulation says: If you see additional breakouts initially they will be around the jaw. This will be due to […]

My new Karin Herzog Skincare Trial!

Karin Herzog sent me a set of skincare to try a week or two ago and as usual, I have collapsed into a tired heap at night, unable to properly use the skincare in the manner I am supposed to. BUT! Its a new week! I want to it be a good week. I have exciting things happening in my “real” life, so I am also going to take care of my skin, properly… My […]

Monday Giveaway: Win a complete skincare set with Karin Herzog!

Hola ladies! Today is a housekeeping day, lots of announcements as we get ready for the festive season! Are you up to date? Anyway, I have a really fab giveaway for you today! Karin Herzog will be giving away a set of skincare to one lucky winner – tailored to your own specific needs after a skincare analysis! I had my skin analysed and it was excellent – you know normally, when you go on […]

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