Philadelphia Chocolate: Yak or Yum?


Mr C has done a good job of keeping me fed lately since I’ve had weird food cravings, and last night he picked up some Philadelphia Cadbury’s Chocolate Spread for me. In my head this totally works. Philadelphia is a neutral enough cheese to have with savoury or sweet topping so why shouldn’t chocolate work with it too? I had this spread on plain white toast. Verdict? It has a nice soft spreadable texture,then bam!! […]

Little of bag of horrors: The Make Up Bag of Horrible Beauty Stuff


My friend, fellow blogger Charlotte at Lipglossiping sent me a parcel for my birthday last year…amazingly I didn’t immediately realise it was from her, I thought it was a PR who was clearing her cupboards out and had sent all the dregs she had left over gathering dust. After I got over my HORROR, I realised it was a joke…quite a clever one when you think about it, as Charlotte had gone into some pound […]

The Queen applies lipstick!


This is totally random, but I couldn’t help but be tickled by this photograph of HRH The Queen applying lipstick at the Highland Games in Scotland. I really like The Queen, she is my favourite Royal – and clearly she is a fan of bright pink lipstick and can apply without looking in a mirror! I have no idea what lipstick that is though – it’s tiny – reminds me of a Besame. It goes […]

The Apprentice Final! The Top 3 Make Up Horrors on The Apprentice 2011 Reviewed


It’s been a long, long time since I did a TV post but here it is!  I can’t believe The Apprentice 2011 is over already – it’s been so much fun! At the time of writing, the finalists are: I’ve-run-a-business Susan, Jedi Jim, Rodent Tom and Helen (no nickname, because Helen is pretty much perfect). More on who I am supporting at the end of this post.  Meanwhile, I need to address a very serious […]

Friday Chit Chat: How does your man deal with the make up in your life?


“Her eye make up is terrible…it clashes with her blusher.” …..said Mr C at the TV, the other day. That’s right. How does a man with no interest in beauty and has never bought anything other than some basic moisturiser and a bar of soap suddenly become so judgemental about blue eyeshadow and orange blusher? BECAUSE HE’S WITH A MAKE UP ADDICT LIKE ME DAY IN DAY OUT, THAT’S WHY! Which made me think about […]

20 Things I learned from William and Kate: The Movie


I, for one, am really looking forward to the Royal Wedding – after all, it’s not going to happen very often in my lifetime and I can’t wait to see what The Queen will be wearing (I love the Queen). In the UK, you can’t get away from Royal Wedding stuff, it is there every 5 seconds on TV, in the papers, on the net, on the radio etc. etc. Anyway, yesterday, whilst I was […]

Beauty Memories: Extreme Nose Contouring, Remember This?


Last week, me and Mr Candy decided to make some tapes (VHS for you spring chickens) for Candy Grandad, who hasn’t quite entered the DVD generation. As a result we ended up going through our own childhood tape collections, and I found an old recording of a Chinese Variety show by TVB (the biggest TV channel in Hong Kong). I used to watch this thing all the time as a kid, its kind of the […]

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