Philadelphia Chocolate: Yak or Yum?


Mr C has done a good job of keeping me fed lately since I’ve had weird food cravings, and last night he picked up some Philadelphia Cadbury’s Chocolate Spread for me. In my head this totally works. Philadelphia is a neutral enough cheese to have with savoury or sweet topping so why shouldn’t chocolate work […]

The Queen applies lipstick!


This is totally random, but I couldn’t help but be tickled by this photograph of HRH The Queen applying lipstick at the Highland Games in Scotland. I really like The Queen, she is my favourite Royal – and clearly she is a fan of bright pink lipstick and can apply without looking in a mirror! […]

Visee Glam Hunter – Shades of Beige on a Saturday


A little package arrived for me from Adambeauty today – in 2 days! How amazing is that? Even though there is a typhoon in Hong Kong my make up still arrives perfectly in time and in perfect condition! Part of my order was some of the lip products from the Visee Autumn collection. A lot […]

Best swimwear for the summer

Green is the colour, isn’t it? Especially lime, a bright, neon looks perfect with tans for the summer. Man, woman, not children. I think I have found the perfect multi use swimwear here. And only £5!

Olympics Opening Ceremony


Did cha see it? Did you love it? It was on at a totally impractical hour, when I was at work…boo hoo! Anyway, boyfy has downloaded the opening with TVB (Hong Kong’s tv channel) which is a million times better than the BBC coverage. Damn you BBC! And I’m forced to pay £136 a year?! […]

Keira Knightley Jumps Ship


Apparently Keira Knightley no longer keeps in touch with Sienna Miller. I thought those two douches loved each other after making that terrible film, The Edge of Love. Is Keira being genuine or is she disassociating herself after Sienna’s recent dabblings? What do you do when a friend is behaving like a psycho or a […]



Remember Stylophones? No neither do I. But I picked one up on a whim for the boyf’s grandads birthday – he is an accomplished pianist….and I get him….one of these:

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