Jill Stuart Sparkle Pressed Powder


Reading my Kevin B book, I noticed how on one of the looks the model had a great glow using Jill Stuart’s pressed powder in Sparkle: Jill Stuart does three special pressed powders: Natural is – well, natural, Shine gives a light glow and Sparkle illuminates the most of all. The powder was used under the eye area, in an upside down triangle shape. It really seems to add illuminance. 03 Sparkle is pink mixed […]

Suqqu me!


I have been waiting forever for my Suqqu’s to arrive – a friend of mine, great friend but terribly unreliable was supposed to hand them over…about 7 months ago. Instead she got on a plane to China to teach English. Anyway her bro kindly dropped of a lovely bag full of goodies for me yesterday and inside were the long awaited Suqqu’s! My first impressions were – how sturdy it is, how heavy. I’ve been […]

Cream Eyeshadows Part 2

Eye Jellies / Mousse & Watery Apart from Cream Eyeshadows in a jar, the newest additions to my collection have been eye jellies and water colours. I swatched the Maybelline Eye Mousse Colours before and wasn’t madly impressed – the Stila is similar but I think firmer textured and more pigmented than them. Brand: Stila (US) Texture: Mousse in a glass Jar Application: Best with a brush. Mousse can be a bit tricky; it looks […]

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