Swatch of the day #2: Jill Stuart Solo Eyeshadow in S07 Purple Jewel

Sorry, I did promise a swatch every day but it has been unbelievable busy this week. So guess what? Three swatches today for you to enjoy. First one: Jill Stuart Solo Eyeshadow in S07 Purple Jewel A gorgeous, warm toned purple, erring on a slight fuchsia. What would you wear this with? Note: This image is part of the soon to be launched swatch gallery. Do not reproduce any of these images in any form […]

5 hot plummy purple lips I like


I am doing a lip colour special for the next two weeks – I have been sorting my drawer of lip colours (what a waste! So many glosses that are bound to go off!) and I have complied 5 of my favourite purple and plummy lip colours to begin with. Stila Lip Glaze in Pomegranite: Thick glossy texture – one of my very first make up obsessions was the lip glazes! Stila is no more […]

Jill Stuart Pure Brightening UV Day Care Powder


As soon as I saw this pic, I knew I had to have it: Jill Stuarts ultra pretty Pure Day Care Powder is not just a cosmetic item. It has an SPF of 15, is brightening (it says so in the title!), and can deal with problems like spots, oily bits and so on. I’ve always had quite good luck with so called ‘Acne Care Powders’ of Japanese origin – white talc like powders you […]

Jill Stuart Haul Spring 2009


I love Jill Stuart! Everyone loves Jill Stuart, right? I do think their eyeshadows palettes, for all their prettiness are a little Meh for the price but I love everything else they do. Especially the eye jellies. Alas, I sold and a kidney and got hold of these babies, from the Spring 2009 LE collection: Champagne is a shimmery pale gold – it’s very Meh, nothing special. As a Jelly eye colour devotee I don’t […]

Jill Stuart 2009 Spring


I am annoyed at reader Sue for drawing my attention to the new Jill Stuart Collection and thus hurting my bank balance. Again. Jill Stuart is so super pretty but I am always left feeling disappointed by their quads. I love their glosses, powders and eye jellies though. New lipglosses: Yet another load of purple/pink themed palettes. GREEN! I want GREEN!: Eye Jellies and Nail polish: I need the eye jellies I tell ya! New […]

Jill Stuart LE Fruit Lip Balms


Jill Stuart released an LE range of Fruity Lipbalms They say: ? Bursting with fruit extracts for effective hydration, Jill Stuart fruit lip balm eliminates dryness and dullness for a long-lasting, soft and beautiful finish. ? Available in strawberry, peach, orange, and grape, the translucent tint of fruity colors gives your lips a fresh and glossy look. ? The limited edition designs have shiny rhinestones that match the color of each fruit, and are the […]

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