New Lip Prettiness! Jill Stuart Lip Blossom in Ranunculus Veil Review


Oh Jill Stuart.  You create the most beautiful looking lipsticks in glossy textures, that are hard to resist.   The newest lipstick to join the Jill Stuart family is ‘Lip Blossom’ and debuts with 10 shades.  I adored their last lipstick releases  - the texture is gorgeous – so I presumed this would be a winner too.  

New Base Alert! Jill Stuart Moist Silk Jelly Foundation, Secret Control Concealer and Sponge Review


Jill Stuart is such an irresistible brand for me, even though I can’t say that I have brilliant experiences with their products – I barely use any of the powder foundations i have from their brand (and they ain’t cheap!).  I just love the packaging and scent of the products though and well…I guess I just don’ give up that easily.  When I spotted their new foundation and concealer release, I stumped up £80 to […]

Brow Talk: Threading at Superdrug and Jill Stuart Eyebrow Powder Review


You can tell when I’ve been busy because my eyebrows start to look like this: I also happen to have lost my 4th pair of tweezers this year, and waxing tends to give me tiny little white spots so what’s a gal to do? I decided to get threaded and ASAP.  However…there are plenty of places these days that offer Threading but I’ve had good treatments and some really painful bad ones.  I wasn’t really […]

Jill Stuart Rouge Lipstick 22 Whisper Back 21 Lipstick Stain Review and Swatches


Part of Jill Stuarts Autumn release, Romantic Smoke, were 5 new lipstick colours, two of which I purchased! I do like a luxurious lipstick and Jill Stuart’s are definitely that (in price, anyway!).  The packaging is this super cute! I got two of the shades, Whisper Back which is a nude pink and 21 which is called Lipstick Stain, a glossy red.   Both of these lipsticks feel quite substantial in the had – they’re […]

Jill Stuart Kitten Eyes Lasting Gel Eyeliner Review and Swatches!


I’ve never met an eyeliner I didn’t like. Wait – that’s not true. I’ve never met an eyeliner I didn’t want to try. That’s better. When Jill Stuart, ever luxe and sexy brand from Japan released their new Kitten Eyes Lasting Gel Eyeliner I picked up three colours. (The release isn’t actually new-new anymore but it’s the first chance I’ve had to open and play with them!). The visual from the Kitten eyes collection – […]

Spritz in Summer: Jill Stuart Fruit & Aroma Mist Moisture in Lavender Review


A few months ago I had a bit of a fad for Lavender.  Truth is, I’ve always disliked Lavender, then people kept telling me how it would be good for my sensitive skin, and how relaxing it was…so I bought a number of products scented by the purple flower. Jill Stuart’s Fruit & Aroma Mist Moisture is one of the items I indulged in.  I have a ton of face mists and really, do I […]

Dose of pretty: Jill Stuart Nail Polish 104 Shine Beige and 105 Violet Red Swatches


Jill Stuart is probably one of the prettiest, if not the prettiest make up brand out there! On the downside…gah it’s so expensive and hard to get hold of. Oh and the results are…so-so! Here I am with two limited edition polishes, 104 Shine Beige and 105 Violet Red from the 2009 collection. I saw these on eBay for a bargain price (£17 for both) and thought I’d give them a try! First things first, […]

Meh: Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes in 102 Amazonite Dazzle Eyeshadow Review


To be fair to Jill Stuart, they sure know how to package make up. This purchase is part of their Dreamy Garden Collection – 102 Amazonite Dazzle to be exact. But have a look at the packaging…so lovely: Also part of the Dreamy Garden Collection are these lipglosses! I nearly missed this item in my massive haul because the seller had stuck it into a box of hair dye! Post is taking such a long […]

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