Penhaligon and Alex Monroe’s Peoneve Collection


I recently developed a crush on Alex Monroe’s quirky yet wearable jewellery designs! The Goring shrimp (in rose gold) necklace would be my first choice – it’s so unusual but adorable at the same time! If Shrimp ain’t your thing, then his exclusive pieces launched to coincide with Penhaligon’s latest fragrance Peoneve is wholly wearable and very elegant! Says the man himself:  “Peonies have always been a favourite of mine but I’ve found them impossible […]

Random Treat: Emporio Armani Earrings!

Just a random post about some earrings I hauled recently! I got these cheap from eBay as it was a special “Daily Deal”. Look out for these – large companies offer a special one day only deal and they usually have a fair quantity of the product although I think this was the last pair! These are pretty comfortable to wear although I don’t know – sometimes my ears react to every kind of metal […]

Calling all Cat Mommas! My new Cat necklace!

Cat Mommies, Tortie Mommies – Unite! As soon as I saw this necklace I knew I had to have it! Its not too big to be over the top, but not too small either – you can choose the finish (gold, bronze, silver) and the chain length. I choose a medium length and the gold finish. Its from Velvet Noir (£31.99) which I think is worth it for a unique design.

Gift Idea: Velvet Noir Jewellery is rather lovely

The problem with gift hunting is that sometimes one can end up with things for ones-self. This has been happening a little bit too often, and I ended up with some nice bits from Velvet Noir! I love turquoise. Its my favourite stone by far and this necklace (Tauri! It has a name!) also has Black Onyx, White Jade, Carnellian. (£26.99) My taste when it comes to jewellery is really really simple stuff although I […]

Christmas Gift Idea: Name Necklace from Kendi Jewlz!


Remember when Carrie in SATC, and she made the name necklace popular? Yeah, well, I never got my mitts on one…but I have now! In Sterling Silver too: So not a make up item for once, but still something beautifying! They also make it in gold, in different fonts, with jewels. I opted for something quite simple, so I can wear it day to day: I am in love with the retro plastic style (may […]

International Giveaway: Dogeared Make A Wish Necklace

Open to all readers, I have this beautiful Dogeared Make A Wish Sterling Silver necklace to giveaway, thanks to the lovely people at Accessories Online: Dogeared is one of my favourite jewellery brands. Its not super cheap, but its stylish, simple and each piece of jewellery carries some kind of meaning. If anyone is reading this and fancies buying me some jewellery, make is this. Want to win this simple little stunna?

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