IPL Home Treatment Review: Smooth Skin Extra by iPulse Trial – Part 1


UPDATE: I have now added my upper lip as a treatment area – it didn’t hurt one bit, it just felt slightly warm I am happy to report! One day the world will freeze over again and then we will all regret our obsession with removing our body hair. But until then… Body hair. Most of us ladies don’t want it. Most of the time it’s either expensive/painful/time consuming to remove it all.  I cannot […]

Venus Naked Skin IPL Trial; Final Thoughts!

Finally, much delayed due to technical difficulties is my final instalment of my Gilette Venus IPL trial.  My thoughts are summed up in the video See Part 1 and Part 2 here. Gilette Venus IPL System Verdict from Miss Candy on Vimeo. All in all I’ve enjoyed using the system – it’s definitely a splurge but it depends how important hair removal is to you; certainly if you are spending hundreds or more at a salon using […]

Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL Hair Removal System Trial: Part 2

Back in December I introduced you to the Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL Hair Removal System I am currently trialling.  I am late with this update post; I’m afraid life and a teething baby has got in the way of these posts and also I have had to retrain myself into the art of video editing (not that easy!). Thankfully, despite how busy I have been, the Gillette Venus system to it’s credit, very easy […]

Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL Hair Removal System Trial: Part 1


When it comes to hair removal, I am in to low maintenance, easy to use methods.  I don’t have huge amounts of body hair but there are strays here and there which ideally, I’d like to keep under control in a pain free easy way.  I do have hairy armpits which need regular shaving which is majorly annoying and I refuse – absolutely refuse – to have them waxed.  The pain! Then I was sent […]

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