Beauty Invention: Nail Protectors for the klutz in you

There’s nothing better than a good old bizarre strange Asian invention – so when I saw these nail protectors on eBay I just had to buy them: I am a complete novice when it comes to nail application. I can’t stay still long enough for the damn thing to dry so it always smudges, then I can’t stand it and it all comes off again. So these clips go on over the freshly painted nail […]

I love my carbs but this is just…impractical…


I love looking at Strapya World, a rather eccentric shop based in Japan which has lots of cute, weird, funny, useful, useless goodies, (specializing in phone charms but also other bits and pieces.) I spotted a cute bread based phone charm range – doughnuts! bun rolls! bagels! danish! and my favourite, white bread! Then I saw that the item is actually true to life size:

Dariya hair magic sheet – a headband thats a sheet!


Just when I thought I owned every pointless item known to man… 1. Easiyo Yoghut Maker 2. A pair of scissors that shreds as it cuts 3. A doughnut maker 4. An electronic flea zapper comb 5. A core secrets ball and every single piece of exercise equipment I have ever bought from ‘As seen on Tv’ and the list goes on and on and on. I’ve had my eye on these Japanese Dariya hair […]

Arm Shields – because you have no friends


Found another daft invention: Fresh from Japan, arm shields to prevent your arms from tanning in the sun. C’mon! When I was a kid, I’d stick my arms out of the window to tan! You could just wear something long sleeved and have the air con on, or wear some sunscreen? Why am I even debating this? If you own this, then you are nuts.

Sushi at home = Inventions for artards


I love pointless gadgets; ice cream maker, george foreman grills, bread maker, electric tin opener, yoghurt maker – I have them all. I noticed a product called Sushi at home – an easy way to make sushi at home. Cool, I thought. These retail for around £80. It looks like you can drop your rice in one ends, some toppings, some seaweed, roll it and out pops some ready made sushi. How wrong I was! […]

Pressed Pigments & Storage Idea!

So I took it upon myself to press nearly all my MAC Pigments and some other random ones. Problem is I had no where to put them all! So in the end I got some gift boxes (DVD Sized) and used magnetic strips. The strips look like this and can be bought from craft stores and Ebay. I got a 5 meters for around £6. These also have a self adhesive back and is easy […]

Nifty Storage From Muji

I am a sucker for Muji storage – I love their clear acrylic storage, especially the well divided containers and boxes. Yesterday I found these little containers – normally when I find these things there are some parts that aren’t quite right for make up. This was perfect though! It is compact and opens up like a mini suitcase, but inside are different sections which are self contained…the possiblites are endless! Melt down some lippies […]

Idea for Depotted Eyeshadows

So I have got into pressing me pigments lately (badly might I add – I have been mixing the powder with Isopropyl Alcohol then getting my stronger other half to press them for me with a coin) but as you see, mine are all crumbly: Nevertheless, now that I have a ton of these I need somewhere to put them all! But since I have about 72 to put into palettes…well thats a lot of […]

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