Have you tried this before? The Orgasmatron Head Massager!


I have seen these around for ages but I finally bought one from a discount store for £1.99! The Orgasmatron is a head massager, like a clam type contraption that looks like an instrument of torture: I tried this out – what a weird sensation! I felt my entire head tingle – urgh – like getting chills down my spine but I sort of liked it! I used it on Mr C and he collapsed […]

Beauty Invention! Oriflame Triple Core Lipsticks Review in Explosive Pink, Amazing Peach, Blazing Red &


Oriflame is a new brand to me – they are similar to Avon in that you order from a local representative using their catalogue or online! You know I love my lipsticks so I was excited as I tried out their new Triple Core Lipsticks – apparently the first of it’s kind in the world! Gosh I remember when the first ‘moisturising core’ lipsticks came out. My mum would put it on, then I would […]

Keep your make up cool, dude: Refresh Make Up Chiller Bag Review


Do you ever get slimy, melting lipsticks? I do. In fact, in this kind of weather my make up starts to melt…I feel bad for it! For some products, a bit of heat doesn’t hurt. But generally speaking, you don’t want your make up to be toasted under the sun. Enter the Refresh Make Up Bag, a snazzy invention that keeps your make up cool. They say: The Refresh Make-up Chiller is an ingenious way […]

Crazy Purchase of the Week: Collagen Marshmallows Eat Yourself Beautiful


You know I love my beauty inventions right? Well here is my latest find – Collagen Marshmallows. An invention from Japan, these mashmallows come in 50g snack packs and each packet apparently contains 3000mg of collagen peptides. Yes I can see your eyes rolling from here… Here’s the Mashmallows – quite tasty I think they are grapefruit flavoured: They say: Collagen is the most abundant natural protein found in the body, making up 30% of […]

Strange Bust Enhancing Beauty Treatments: Gum and F-Cup Cookies


Here’s a tip. If you’re going to research ‘Breast Enhancements’ or anything with the word ‘Boob’, ‘Baps’ or ‘Babylons’ then make sure your Google Safe Search is ON. My eyes. So were talking boobies today – I was doing my usual look for unusual beauty gadgets trawl when I noticed some bust enhancing gum. I generally ignore things like that but then I noticed there were tons and tons of products made just for breast […]

Japanese Beauty Invention: KATE Mascara Eyeliner Thing

I thought this was a rather bonny invention from Kate Cosmetics. What is it? I don’t know! This pen is like a firm felt tip liner. At first I thought it was a mascara. I did actually use it as a mascara to fill in the end lashes and it was ok. But my conclusion is that its a liner that you can wiggle into the base of your lashes to add some colour. How […]

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