Second time luck? Testing Japan’s Imju Fiberwig Mascara Again


So years ago I reviewed Imju Fiberwig mascara and hated it, despite it being a cult product in Japan. The fibers seriously irritated my eyes…spiky spiky. Then recently I went a bit nuts and bought a whole load of new mascaras to try – one of them was the Imju Fiberwig Lash Knockout and the other was this an updated version of the Fiberwig. And that, is what we are looking at today! Imju Fiberwig […]

Instant Fake Lashes in a tube! Imju Fiberwig Lash Knockout Mascara Review


Back in 2008, I did a series of ‘Mascara Missions’ and one of the popular mascara’s I reviewed is Imju’s Fiberwig. Some love this, some loathe it. I was very much in the loathe camp, since it was too…well, fibery. I couldn’t have the wand near my eyes without some fibers getting in, irritating them and making them bleed…(ok overly dramatic. Making them run. A bit. Ahem.) But did you know that Imju, in true […]

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