Housekeeping! Make notes!


Just a few things guys! 1. I can’t believe it’s already Thursday 2. I am playing around with layouts, and I’m experimenting with this magazine layout. What do you think? 3. I am a bit slow with answering emails and comments – my inbox is always down! So please bear with me, same for competition winners, I am processing prizes this week! 4. The site has been a bit problematic for me lately, if any […]

Blog Sale Updated Listing and stuff and stuff and stuff


Just to say that I’ve been a bit rubbish updating Blog Sale 4′s listing – have now updated, sorry if you ordered something that I already sold But dry your tears because there’s a blog sale on Saturday 5th June, 7pm GMT!!! The sun is out on Saturday, so you will probably all be out in the park having BBQ’s, but remember to take a look when you get home! (I say this with confidence, […]

Videos, Competition and Blog Sales! Stuff coming up next week…


Hallo gorgeous ladies, How are you all? Everything I planning went a bit to pot this week due to unforseen circumstances (I love that term) but everything is good to go for next week! From Monday 31st to Friday 4th there will be one giveaway per day! Just comment or tweet to win! Blog Sale on Saturday 5th at 7pm! Hope you can make it! Sorry for presenting you with another blog sale! I am […]

Coming up in the next 2 weeks…


How gorgeous is this weather? And here I am indoors, blogging away! I’m feeling saucy I must tell you in the next 2 weeks we have: 1. 7 Day Giveaway Like our weekly giveaways – imagine 7 full days of lovely goodies to celebrate the sunshine! Well its starting on Monday 31st May. You gotta be in it to win it! 2. Blog Sale Sorry, another one. I am currently in mega clean up mode […]

Stuff you should know: Gallery & Blog Updates for May!


Can you believe its May already?! May brings a few updates of Cosmetic Candy – firstly, the Swatch Gallery has FINALLY been updated. I have lots of images to add, its just finding the time to do them…its incredibly time consuming! 1. Gallery Anyway, check out some of the new images on the Concealer Gallery, Brow Products , Eye Pencil Images, Nail Gallery or Lip Pencil Gallery. A search will be added soon so its easier […]

01.01.2010 is a lot of 01′s & Winner Announcements!

Happy New Year People (again!) Just a few things….Giveaways…. Got the 5 winners of the pre-christmas random giveaways coming up (look out for your name on Sunday 3rd Jan!) Another 5 day giveaway will be starting on Monday 4th January so more fun! Blog Sale… Thinking of doing one more blog sale as a New Year clear out, and hopefully I won’t have to do one again for a long while (stressful, much?!). I have […]