Wakey, Wakey! Herbalife Quick Spark Lozenges with CoEnzyme Review


Regular readers may know I don’t get much sleep, and nearly every morning I clasp on to the duvet, the lovely warm duvet and pray that God will turn back time for a few hours so I can catch more Zzz’s.  Never happens though. People who get little sleep like me will feel the lull around midday, and after lunch.  Sometimes if I am really tired, I am exhausted first thing too. Coffee helps, but […]

Boobs & Chest Check! Herbalife Skin Activator Decolletage Cream Review


I bet you know that Herbalife do diet products but did you know they also did skincare? Yep! So with an open mind I tested their Skin Activator Decolletage – I want to keep that area of me nice and plump anyhow! They say: This luxurious cream is specially formulated for skin in the neck, chest and cleavage. As we age and spend time in the sun, this skin becomes thinner and prone to wrinkles. […]

My conclusion on the Herbalife diet!


It’s only been 7 months, d’oh, but I’ve had a few requests to share my views on the Herbalife diet I attempted back in June 2010. Needless to say, I’m not on the diet now but I do have some feedback on the range and whether it would be right for you or not, so I hope this helps! The Herbalife diet basically consists of shakes and meal replacement bars and also lots of supplements, […]

Retox Detox: Trying the Herbalife Diet & Other Types of Detoxing!


For the past few weeks I have been experimenting with the Herbalife Diet! Yep! I guess the Herbalife name is famous for good and bad reasons, but here is what I am trying out: There’s three shakes – Cookies & Cream, Chocolate and Strawberry. I am really not one for Shake diets – I really do like having something to chew on, but I’m giving it a go! There’s a whole ton of supplements that […]

Monday Giveaway: 3 x NouriFusion Skincare Sets from Herbalife


Its Monday Giveaway time! Today I’ve got three gorgeous skincare sets (I’ve sniffed them, but unfortunately they’re not for me!) as prizes. The skincare is NouriFusion® from Herbalife and is worth £35 and contains Multivitamin Cleanser, Toner and a Moisturiser with SPF 15. It comes in a gift set and all products are full size! They say: Herbalife’s NouriFusion® Multivitamin Skincare Range: Take control and boost your sex appeal with luminous skin that’s irresistible, thanks […]

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