Help Me! How to do Prom make up and hair?


So the 16 year told told me a few months ago she is having a “prom”. (FYI: The 16 year old is my cousin NOT my child). Proms? I know they are big in the USA but in the UK? A Prom? Really? Yes really. Since then the teen has ordered a custom made dress, bought sky high heels and now I have been bullied…asked….to do her hair and make up. The last place I […]

Help me choose! Which Fresh Light Blythe Bubble Hair Dye should I choose?!


I’ve got roots baby, roots, and it’s time for a spring hair colour touch up! Fresh Light is a brand that make the Blythe Doll hair dyes (they do normal cream dyes and now the bubble/foam type). They smell of apple and I think they work so well for naturally dark Asian hair, better than Clairol or John Frieda’s attempts (although they may suit Western hair better). I purchased both of the following dyes but […]

Help: Can you identify?


Halp! Its not very often my investigative skills fail me but I can’t seem to find these two products anyway. I want to know what brand they are from, and if they have a website? I neeedddd this in my life! 1. Lasting Gel Liner. I can’t figure out where that lid is from – I guessed Palty but the lid is slightly different: 2. Diet Pill. I think it says Rock Lean on it […]

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