Coffee not required: Anatomicals Snoozers Are Losers Energy Boost Patch Review


Caffeine, sweet nectar of life. Without it I would be a walking zombie…or a greater walking zombie than I already am. See I don’t get much sleep and boy does it show in the mornings, and mid-afternoon after lunch. I purchased a box of Anatomicals rather strange invention, Snoozers and Losers Energy Boost Patches, from eBay as they were just £1.75 for a pack of six. I thought these were sachet drinks – the usual […]

Dying of Hayfever…? Runny Nose, Itchy Eyes, Tips Tips TIps


I’ve been running around completely cocky this year, telling everyone how I was once a hardcore sufferer of Hayfever and had got over it due to improved immunity to allergens due to living with cats. IITADTLWC I call it. Then BOOM, it hit be like a brick last weekend – the itchy, scratchy throat, runny nose, itchy eyes. Its just hideous and I am sure that my medicine works for about 5 minutes. So I […]

Do they really work? Detox Foot Pads Review


I write the review tentatively because I don’t like recommending things built around pseudo science but still…here goes. My friend who is a recruitment consultant has a lot of migraines (that figures) had tried out some detox foot pads to see if they would help her sleep better and get rid of head pain. She felt that they did so like the cheapskate that I am, I found a knock off version on eBay: Detox […]

If you have sensitive teeth….


Not quite beauty, but if you have sensitive teeth you will know how much it HURTS to eat and drink. I have a particularly sensitive patch which causes me the worst pain – it shoots through my tooth and makes my entire head ache for a few minutes if I eat anything remotely hot or cold. Anyway, this toothpaste, Colgate Pro Relief that I bought 2 months ago is the answer. I used it, ran […]

Weight Loss Update – February


So I mentioned last week I was trying out the Harcombe diet which on paper sounded easy. No carbs, no sugars, no tea or coffee, no milk…and a whole host of other things which make life worth living. Anyway here’s a few things that have been helping me (I say that but the scales will tell me the truth on Friday!). This is Baby Gomez, who is now 18 months. She (yes She) is a […]

Review: Optrex Dew Dazzling Eye Drops

I am obsessed with eye drops, but guess what? I lose them all the time (you can roll your eyes now)… And since you should throw it away after 30 days (hygiene reasons), I end up with loads of half used eye drops! Something you can use it for? Mixing with pigments to make it stick better. Just an idea. I have had my eye on these Eyedew by Optrex drops for ages (nice box!) […]

Gift Guide: Pukka Herbs Love Organic Herbal Tea & Rosewater Spray Gift Se

I love herbal teas – I think they help so much in terms of clearing up the skin and digestion but I must confess I am a coca-cola and coffee addict. But I do try. Pukka Herbs makes some of the nicest herbal teas out there, even though I generally prefer loose leaf Chinese and Japanese teas like Green Tea and Oolong – its super cheap from the supermarkets too. Have you ever tried Twinings […]

Stocking Filler Gift Idea: Whole Rose Bud Tea!

Great Gift For: Mum, Friends, Work Colleagues/ Stocking Fillter What You Get: Some really cool tea, its good for you (better than normal tea and coffee) and it looks nice. Notes: I love Whole Rose tea but its very floral. I also recommend Oolong and Jasmine tea. I am a BIG fan of loose leaf teas. Buy it from: Here (£5 for the packet or £8 a the tin)

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