Got sleep problems? Sealy Podcast with Sammy Margo


Blessed sleep. The last few years of my life have been difficult sleep wise because I have an endless list of jobs to do. It’s my choice I take on so many projects, so shouldn’t grumble but nevertheless…a bit more zzz would be heavenly! Apparently the lack of sleep makes us put on weight, look dull and jaded, age prematurely and of course, makes us very very tired! I got a press release featuring charter […]

Heal those scars! Heal Advanced Formula Skin Therapy Gel Review


When I first got sent this Heal Gel I marvelled at it’s cute retro look then sat there thinking…what do I have to heal?! At the time…nothing. Thanks to the cat though, who gave me a nice deep scratch when Mr C dropped some pans and scared the life out of her – I had somewhere to try the gel out! I also had a bit of a sore brow after waxing so used it […]

Speed Review: White Glo Toothpaste Review


Mr C tested out White Glo for me, one of Australia’s top selling whitening toothpastes which comes with an anti stain toothbrush! They say: White Glo Extra Strength Whitening Toothpaste offers maximum oral care hygiene. Its Extra Strength formulation lightens discolouration and yellowing on tooth enamel which is often caused by food and drinks with strong colouring. White Glo Anti-Stain toothbrush is “extra-condensed” with high quality US Du-Clean bristles to polish teeth surfaces effectively without […]

Stop the flakies! Dandrazol Anti Dandruff Shampoo Review


I have used SO MANY shampoos over the years for my flaky, itchy, sensitive scalp. The doctor has recommended various types to me, like T-Gel and some prescription ones but to be honest, they didn’t do that much for me (or at least not in the long term). I bought this shampoo from Boots on a total whim – I just happened to see it but hadn’t heard of it before. This shampoo is called […]

Vitaltone Anti Cellulite Supplement Guest Review!


Guest Review Time! Tester: Helen, 26 – is concerned about the dimply skin. The product: vitalTONE® supports cellulite reduction by addressing all of the above by helping stagnated fluids move from the tissues into the lymph circulation, improving the integrity of the capillary circulation and reducing the “water logged” nature of the cellulite tissue. Have you ever heard of this product before? No I hadn’t heard of the product before. What does this product promise […]

What I use for Migrane Relief: Kao Vapor Relax Hot Eye Mask in Chamomile Review


I’ve been meaning to talk about these Kao Vapor Relax Eye Masks for ages and ages. I’ve been buying these religiously for 18 months now and they are so good for when you need to relax, they totally soothe your eyes and or if like me, you suffer from chronic migraines and general head pain. The Kao heated eye mask goes the other way from what we are use to using for headache relief – […]

Drink More Water! Bobble Filtered Water Bottle with a built in filter


I saw this cool little gadget, the Bobble Filtered Water Bottle a few weeks ago in the Stylist Magazine, and decided to hunt one down. I passionately hate drinking water but I know it really helps – my skin looks much better when I make an effort to drink a litre a day. The invention is a really cool idea. The idea is that you can fill up your bottle with normal tap water and […]

She ruined Bedazzled too: Elizabeth Hurley Organic Oat Bar


Not an Elizabeth Hurley fan – I don’t actually get what she does but hey, I guess she does look good in a Bikini?! I spotted these Elizabeth Hurley Oat Bats whilst in Holland & Barretts. I specifically bought them to moan about them. Why? Because sure they look chic but they are tiny! Just 26grams. Yes its under 100 calories, of course it is because it couldn’t feed a 2 year old. Don’t be […]

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