Hauled it: Make Up Store Carnaby Street Visit and Purchases


A good few months ago I was in London and visited Make Up Store in Carnaby Street. It sits a stones throw away from the MAC Pro store (which I find totally insufferable) but whenever I’ve been past it, it always looks quiet and a bit lonely. Something about it just screams Make Up Student. Maybe it’s the packaging which I think a lot of normal women will find quite plain and uninspiring. Anyway I […]

Beauty Ramble: What beauty hauls make you truly excited?


So I haul make up quite regularly *cough cough* and there’s no doubt that some things induce far more excitement than others. I was thinking; most make up I buy without thinking, out of habit (ie. I collect Nars multiples so I’ll even buy ones that don’t suit me!) and quite often just because I want to review it, or swatch it, or just because it’s a new release. (When I buy MAC for example, […]

Peer Pressue Hauling: Urban Decay Naked Palette


Word on the street is Urban Decay’s Naked palette is THE palette to own – although I admit I largely blocked it out – just not too interested in neutrals. However, when I was alerted to it being in stock online – and the price was only £27 (that is fab value for the amount of colours you get plus a mini primer, plus a double ended 24/7 pencil) I just had to order it. […]

Hauled it! Nars The Multiple Tint in Turks & Caicos, Cadaques


I totally resisted the Nars Multiple Tints because when I originally swatched them I thought they looked a bit glossy. However I was hearing so many good things about them (especially Turks & Caicos, the bold orange) that I went back for another look (that, and the fact that I collect Nars!). These Multiple Tints are Limited Edition and there are (were) three shades; Turks & Caicos – Bright Orange Beverly Hills – Bright Red […]

I went to Lush for a free magazine and left with all this…


I popped into Lush yesterday to pick up a free magazine for my work colleague and ended up picking 6 new skincare/haircare items. D’oh! I’ve noticed the stores now have a new look – it’s cleaner, I guess a little more commercial but quite nice to browse in. Is it me or does it stink less? I didn’t have to hold me breath anyway! Here is my ‘accidental’ haul: Ocean Salt Face Scrub (why?! There’s […]

Non Make Up Haul: Cyber Candy and finally – Twinkies!


Wandering through the streets in London I spotted Cyber Candy, which a reader had previously told me about! They seel lots of sweets, snacks and drinks drinks from around the world. It is hideously overpriced and heaven for every shop lifter! Here’s what I bought: I was quite restrained – the prices were too high! I picked up a pack of White Chocolate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (my true love), a Twinkie for Mr C, […]

Bit of a Haul: Mac Cosmetics, In The Groove, Stereo Rose etc.


I made a nice haul at MAC during a recent trip to London. Because I am on a no buy now (ahem) I thought I may as well buy some bits from the In The Groove collection and some other cosmetics I’ve been meaning to try: I have to say, all the MAC SA’s I dealt with this time where friendly and helpful, unlike my usual experiences. Anyway, here’s what I bought. One of the […]

Whoops: Neals Yard Haul, Rose Water, Organic Lip Formula, Eucalyptus Pastilles


Silly me! I had a £10 gift voucher to spend in the Neals Yard store and I had gone to buy a new toner, nothing more, nothing less. Unfortunately I ended up hauling lots of things, creams and potions for my mum and aunt, but also a few things for myself. The shop itself is really nice and very tempting….like apothecary (remember when Space NK was, Space NK apothecary?!) What I ended up keeping: I […]

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