Clip In, Clip Out: Halo Hair Extensions Photos & Review


I was offered some hair extensions to review and immediately thought of my 16 yea old cousin who has been looking for some for a while since they are all the rage with her friends. To be honest I know very little about hair extensions and the last time I had my hands on some they were bright red, felt like noodles and sat next to the tampons in Poundland. Halo Hair Extensions has a […]

Review: Halo Light Moisturising Cream for sensitive skins


There’s an awful lorra sensitive skinned folks in my family. Eczema, Psoriasis etc. We all have a lot of dry flaky skin going about so much so that my aunts house looks like a pharmacy. So I am always up to test creams made for sensitive skin. Halo is a face cream – its light, its free from colour, scent and parabens. You also get 100ml of it so to be honest, I use it […]

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