Shampoo, but not as you know it: WEN Hair Care by Chaz Dean Review


I was sent WEN haircare items to try months and months ago, and finally – I’m ready to talk! WEN is not like any shampoo you have used before. It’s a conditioning shampoo which is super gentle and moisturising – it doesn’t lather at all, and is a nice mix between cleanser and conditioner. Here is Chaz Dean: They say: What sets WEN® apart from the rest is its cleansing conditioner, a single-step process that […]

Make it shine! Schwarzkopf OSiS Shine Duster Velvet Shine Powder Review


Matte powders have been around for a while, and as innovative and useful as they are for building volume they’re not really my thing in the sense that I would always choose shiny hair over matte hair. So I was pleased to try out this Schwarzkopf OSiS Shine Duster Velvet Shine Powder. They say: Osis Shine Duster is the first velvet-soft texturising powder for hairstyling which gives instant shimmer-shine and soft movement to the hair. […]

Would recommend: My current favourite hair styling tool

Have I ever told you how rubbish I am at styling my hair? No? Well I am. I envy the ladies that always have swish ready hair even at 8am on a Monday Morning. So, at Casa Candy, if I am going to do my hair, I need to use easy peasy hair styling tools. My dream hair is loose, beachy waves, the ones that look almost like they could be natural. Remember when I […]

Hydrate my mop! Liese Hair Cocktail Moisturizing Hair Serum Review


My hair is in a right state at the moment, having dyed twice in a few days and I had a bad haircut (I’ve just realised HOW short my layers are) so when its frizzy, I look like a mushroom head: What a Hair-Mare. So one thing I can do for my hair is give it some hydration! I find a lot of Hair Oils too oily and greasy (my hair greases up easily at […]

Stinky Hair? Try Mandom’s Baby Veil Hair Fragrance in Fruity!


I have a friend at work who I adore but she loves to smoke – I personally cannot stand cigarette smoke so when we go for lunch together, she has a habit of blowing it out near me. As I result I stink of cig smoke! And I get it in my hair – I HATE smelly hair. I bought this Hair Fragrance from Mandom (I know, Mandom!) to use on my hair during these […]

Mid Week Giveaway! Six Schwarzkopf Silhouette Ultimate Shine Extreme Gloss Sprays!


Got a mid week treat for ya ladies… Six full size (300ml) of these Schwarzkopf Silhouette Ultimate Shine Sprays to win. Winners of the Ped Eggs will be announced Tomorrow. The Prize: Want to win it? Answer This: Teach me to say something, anything, thats not in English. Phonetically. (Have to dash out so…yeah, an inspired question). ME: Hey, watch it Fay Poor! Fay Poor: Fat Woman Language: Cantonese Usage: Usually in McDonalds or Primark […]

Want longer hair? Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Review


It wasn’t until I had a horrendously mad mullet cut last year that I started looking up ways to get my hair to grow faster, quicker. All kind of things came up – special shampoos, special tables, horse tablets and what not. Not really willing to stretch to taking bizarre tablets for the sake of making my hair grow faster, so I have just been letting it slowly become humanish again. Then this Lee Stafford […]

Aromatherapy Associates Balance Shampoo and Conditioner Review


I am always on the look out for new shampoo and conditioners to care for my dry hair and sensitive scalp. Aromatherapy Associates caught my eye because it looks like something a posh hotel in Soho would have….or something. Even that brown in the logo is posh. So I picked up the Balance Shampoo and Conditioner from the Brand Alley Sale (it was about £4 each) with free shipping. They Say: * Gentle, mild shampoo […]

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